Earthquake measured at 8.7

It appeared to be a peaceful routine night where i will hit my hay and call it a day in 15 minutes when all of a sudden the monitor right in front of me started to shake. I thought it was a post bad sleeping position where i just had my cat nap a couple hours ago(i wasn’t feeling well that day) then it started to shake from bad to worse. For a moment there my table was swaying from left to right and my ps2 fell off the desk.I turned to Chad who was still pretty much obssesed with the game Warcraft III,
Me:Chad!Am i on crack or is it an earthquake that i feel.
Chad:It’s an eartquake you dumbass

By then, Andrew was shouting and running paranoidly towards my desk
Andrew:Shit, its an earthquake isn’t it?
Chad and Me:Yeah!

We ran to the front door and by then everyone from the upper floor was either screaming or had a pale face as they raced with each other down the stairs. I did what most sane people would do – RUN, but little did i know i was barefooted.

Panic stricken tenants with shorts and pyjamas outside the condo.

Someone even took the time to pack stuffs in their backpack, amazing!

The place was so crowded that it took minutes to had our car removed from the carpark

Behold!The almighty fire truck that stormed towards our condo.

One evacuator wanted to be a policeman one day. Man:”Good efficiency! go Polis!”

By the time i was at the ground floor, the front lawn was packed with people. The Police came, The firemen came, journalist, kepohchis, almost anyone who had a reason to be there was there.
We waited for two hours before we sneaked into the condo for me to write this entry. The securities had forbiden anyone to go into their condos because reliable sources had revealed that another shake will occur sometime in the morning. We don’t have the patience for that and as smart and sneaky as we were, we were caught as i’m writing this.
It occured to me that i am indeed a coward to run without my sneakers (As a matter of fact, i was the significant few who were barefooted, how embarassing)

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  1. Lousy la u, can even forget your shoe, shame u!! hahaha. next time earth quake again, if it happens u r taking bath then i bet u will not be only bare foot, but bare ass as well, kekeke. Free show then~~~

  2. Shanice: The only foot gear in front of the door were slippers, i don’t wear slippers only sneakers and their ain’t mine either. If i were bathing and ran out naked, i think i’d be the laughing stock for at least 12413051230 month. I don’t have a nice body =(

  3. actually people shouldn’t rush out of the building during an eaarthquake, it’s very dangerous. if you are indoors, find something sturdy, like a table, and hide under it. wait for the tremor to disminish, then wear sneakers (to avoid being injured by broken glass) and proceed outdoors and always expect aftershock, if you can, hold the table over your head when proceeding outdoors.

  4. Happen while i was watching ‘pillow talk’.. hehe.. i can feel that shake, i keep try to stand still but still feel like going sideway..haha.. from the glass of water on my table and windows at balcony, i know is serious wey… 😛
    lots of ppl gather at the guide house downstairs with slippers of coz. According to my friend from Kelana Jaya, some dudes came down only with shorts 😛

  5. dogma:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Yummie and Applegal:Actually i ran back to get my sneakers and my camera, but i was barefooted for at least 15 minutes.
    gguni:Nothing much. We didn’t even know it was a tremor, we thought that the building was going to collapse until someone told me an hour later.The firemen just went around, evacuating everyone and stuffs, don’t think they have the expertise to check if the building was going to collapse also.
    afser:Yeah, thanks for the tip but i really thought that the building was going to collapse.If that happen, don’t think hiding under a desk will help much.

  6. rych : where exactly are u ? as in where do u stay at? erm.. the guy posing with the policemen car looks damn familiar.. think he was from my CAMP though 😛

  7. i slept through it, man. Although i got a few panick phone calls from friends n colleague, i didn’t know what to do coz i was sleepy. So, i slept back. Thank God, i didn’t wake up under a pile of rubble.

  8. hoonfai:woah i can’t even see the guy’s face. monitor is too dark even with max gamma and brightness.
    Frank:Don’t you live in a condo/apartment as well?didn’t feel a thing?
    Pikeydude:yeap, but my friends staying in a double storeyed house in Melacca felt it.

  9. eraine:reckon you’re not anywhere close to this place, lucky you.
    fran_omatic:will call you up sometime around april/may for a drink. =)

  10. rych> nope but i was at sec14 the night it happened. i actually got to witness some guy announcing over the PA system “please evacuate the building immediately”. of course, i didn’t know what was going on o.O

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