Election 2008: Part IV

The elections results are finally out. The opposition takes 5 states – Kelantan, Kedah, Perak, Selangor and the Penang. The opposition also managed to deny Barisan Nasional a 2/3 majority forcing the Barisan Nasional to declare a simple majority.

This general election also marks the exit of a few well known politicians such Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu and Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil. Poor Samy Vellu lost his seat which he had been holding on since 1974 on 8 March 2008, on his 72nd birthday. I was told that his supporters prepared a cake to celebrate his ‘victory’ and birthday. Unfortunately, I don’t think he was at any mood to cut any cakes.

Dr. Lo’ Lo’ .. what a name..

Fellow blogger, Jeff Ooi won comfortably at Jelutong. My cousin also managed to win a state seat in Perak. He’s only in his late 20s! Another surprise would be Low Gwo Burne, the man behind the V.K Lingam video and KeAdalian candidate for Kelana Jaya. For a person who is not even a registered voter in Malaysia, he has created an upset by beating the Barisan Nasional candidate.

My polling station was at SK Seri Mega, my former primary school. It’s been more than 10 years since I stepped into my old school.

Just as I stepped in front of the main gate, I saw Ms Carol Chew, candidate for Barisan Nasional helping out an old uncle with his motorcycle – surrounded by a group of photographers. Ms Carol Chew whom my mum dubbed as “Fei Poh” (translation: Fat Girl) is actually quite petite and fit. Her campaign pictures were not very flattering.

I bet that this uncle is actually an Opposition supporter…

I was directed to a room which I used to sit when I was in standard 2. The transparent ballot box laid in the middle of the room. The polling agents were screaming all sorts of funny numbers. As soon as I dropped by vote into the ballet box, I left the place and went on a tour of my school.

Place to check on voting details..

My old classroom..

My school didn’t change much save for the new computer lab. I started snapping pictures of my alma mater.

A policeman approached me and politely informed me that I cannot take pictures in the compound. Thank god he didn’t confiscate my camera.

Few hours later, Teresa Kok was declared winner of the Seputeh parliamentary seat with a majority of 36,492 votes, one of the highest highest in Election 2008.

12 thoughts on “Election 2008: Part IV”

  1. Teresa Kok’s majority is not one of the highest in the 2008 elections… it is THE highest of all in 2008 and probably of all time in Malaysia.
    In short, Carol Chew got pwned, owned, mega killed and triple killed by the god lite Teresa Kok.

  2. u left out e most important matter about a party called bn (gerakan) dat got pwned, owned, mega killed and triple killed by the god like opposition in e state of penang. (quoting low) hehe!

  3. But that aunty do have beautiful body figure…MILF! hehee
    anyway finger cross for the new state government… Fei Poh cannot win because Sau Poh is running around and never got a chance to sleep…

  4. Incidentally …. the gal in purple’ a friend of mine. Just confirmed with her. And she’s in her 20s and yes, she’s pretty hot

  5. Low: yeah highest in election 2008! but cant really say highest in msian history..dont have the authority to prove keke
    Diehardx: yup!!!
    Amos: fuiyo.. i didnt know one picture can create so many comments..
    Jay: opss.. i was actually joking that the girl in purple is a 40 yrs old lady..just to irk Griffin keakaekea
    endrooG: coincidence laaa..ahahaha

  6. EndorrG: your eyes damn sharp wei!
    Xes: Don’t bluff bluff lar…little people here jsut admit it ok!
    yesterday’s market is not that good…better pray to recover back in shape in no time

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