Falun Gong in Malaysia

Few days ago, I had to meet up with my colleague @ Jalan Raja Session Court. While on my way there, I saw a group of ladies promoting the controversial Falun Gong cult. They set up a banner depicting images of bruised bodies and torture. Next to it was a lady doing some Tai Chi moves. The police didn’t remove them although a police car was parked next to them.

I was immediately given a brochure and a VCD. I took it without hesitation and left the place immediately. I have seen these Falun Gong members when I was in Seoul and Amsterdam. In Seoul, I saw police officers removing them.

wow! it comes with a CD!
After watching the case with my colleague, I passed the Falun Gong gang again. This time round a Chinese lady approached me..

Lady: Ni kei yi chiang hua yu ma?? (Can you speak Mandarin???)
Me: err.. No…
(then I saw the banner)
Me: ehhh.. wo kei yi na zhau pian ma??? (can I take a picture???)
Damn.. I blew my own cover.

These moves will somehow turn them into ultraman.
Lady: Ni shi lu shi ma? (Are you a lawyer?)
Me: Shi.. (yes)
Lady: Can I have your name card???
Damn.. no offence but I don’t want unknown people preaching about cult and religion to me via the phone.
Me: wo mei yiu dai wo de namecard (I didn’t bring my name card)
/me walks off quickly..

Falun Gong encourages sadomasochism (SM) as well? It actually an illustration of tortures administered on Falun Gong members in China.
In 2001 the Malaysian Government decided not to approve the Falun Gong Preparatory Committee’s application to register as a legal organization. However, the Government has not prevented Falun Gong members from carrying out their activities in public.

8 thoughts on “Falun Gong in Malaysia”

  1. its an invasion i tell you. world war 3 is coming. falun gong is the secret service of the japanese. no.. wait. . that was the kempetai. what the hell .. just run..

  2. see, even since dock brief days i know you are always an attraction to women from China….brush up mandarin lah…no harm …

  3. no offence but for some reasons, i just get uncomfortable reading or viewing about this group. there were some of them who tried to recruit my family and me while we were in HK 4 years ago for a holiday trip.

  4. Darren: mmm more like tai chi and health la.
    glo: WHHAHAh
    zhong: watodo. human rights records in china is quite poor there.
    derlin: hehehehehehe no such thing!!!
    honfaai: wtf. i didnt know they were asking u to join them?
    ya: its a great place. good food. loads of places to visit.

  5. no they are not promoting sadomachoism la
    its bout how those Falun members got totured and those pic depicts how their members are being tortured la
    its like a cult thing rite with their members opposing the China goverment
    haha mandarin is bad ar? how to talk to those china chicks? LOL

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