first day of CLP classes

Cert1ficate Legal Pract1ce classes start today. Well, I’m sure everyone here has gone through the excitement of first day of class. I bet everyone once went like, “Damn, I wish there are some cute guys/hot girls tomorrow”. For me, I didn’t. It is because I don’t want to date a lawyer. Dating a lawyer would end up with arguments everyday due to a lawyer’s natural ability to criticize anything and hostile nature.

There were about 200 people in the class and the class was mainly made up of Chinese and young graduates. However, there were loads of working class people. And sadly, there weren’t any girls with CFM looks. CFM = COME FUCK ME!!

Class was from 2PM to 7:30PM. It lasted 5 hours (weekdays classes are about 7 hours) and I almost died of boredom. Calvin and I were making fun of the lecturer (well silently)

Sir: So that wraps up…about limitation period. Now let’s go to bla bla (I was expecting it to end)
Me: (threw pen on to the table) FUCK!!
Calvin: (shouting) This class sucks.. It’s so fucking boring and there are no hot girls!! THIS SUCKS!!

Anyway, once the class ended, everyone literally ran out from the classroom. I hate long lectures.

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