First day of CLP exams

Thank you everybody for the wishes. I�m sorry that I didn’t reply to the SMSs as I was already asleep by 10pm!

My day didn’t start off well. At 3AM, I woke up with food poisoning. I vomited like farkkkk. It was so bad till I couldn’t drive or eat breakfast.

My tenant then gave me some painkiller and something to control my bladder. It helped a little bit during exams but I was so fucking drowsy. At one point, I wanted to drop my pen and sleep. Fortunately, I held on and managed to finish the paper.

I don’t know why but I had an extra hour after I finish my paper. Its either that I’m damn good or I left out a big portion to write. But overall, I think I’ve done well.

I slept the entire day after that. I was supposed to study but I felt that my brain was damn dry. Dehydrated I think.

God damn the special pork chop rice, or mm… the water melon juice. I shall never have them again.

14 thoughts on “First day of CLP exams”

  1. sorry to hear that man, if it’s any consolation i had food poisoning on friday….it sucks. word of warning – beware of the food at commonwealth club. my colleague fell ill as well.anyway goodluck for the rest of the papers

  2. leongie, glad you did well in your exams today. Go get some rehydration sachets and drink them it will help for fluids and electrolyte. Drink more water and get rest. goodluck for your remaining exams. Better becareful what you eat now. Take care & Goodluck

  3. mie: thanks miemiee 😀 frank: i wasnt having diarrhae la. vomit like fuck only. Phillip: hahahah where’s commonwealth restaurant? nogi: thankss :*eishin: aiyoyo..wanna sabo me ah? ?ehehhe sapphire_pearl: 4 more papers!! i had immodium actually..helped alot! 😀 sarah: thank you for you kindness!! Melethril: thank u! 😀

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