first grading tryout

Oh my god, so, so tired! Muay Thai training was killer today. Our society organized grading classes at Wicker camp today. We had to gather at the tram stop to go there. The turnout was great, about 15 people.

This was the first time I’ve been to Wicker camp. It’s quite famous in Sheffield as it has few Muay Thai champions training there. The gym is located at some dodgy area. The reception area is painted with bright orange with loads of photos of Thai boxers and even the people who trained there. As for the training area, it’s much bigger than our usual training hall at Goodwin. There’s even a professional boxing ring.

We started off with some running exercise. We had to run one end to the other end, and then do skips, jumping jack, run on four etc alternatively for about 4 minutes. By then it has already worn me out, I could barely stand and soon I felt dizzy. I had to rest for few minutes as I felt like shit.

We continued with some technique moves and ended with gym exercise. I bet my muscles will ache like hell tomorrow.

I had to partner with a girl. She is from Essex studying English (after she told me that, I went on saying, “So, you’re from Essex and you’re studying English?”).

One of my mates from Greek told me about a festival they celebrate in Greece. He was saying something about Holy Communal, where it is different in Greece. They give out bread and wine together (not really sure how it works but it’s different than the normal one). The interesting thing is that the wine is much better than the normal one. It’s much sweeter. And since it’s holy, they won’t throw the remaining wine away hence they will drink it. And by the end of the day, we’ll have a happy bunch of drunken Greeks.

We headed to The Cavendish to drink. We chatted quite a lot and everyone seems so friendly. I ordered a snake bite black. The Essex girl told me that usually people drink it if they want to get pissed drunk. She was right, I felt tipsy after that drink.

I told them that Malaysians respect Europeans a lot. They seemed surprised. Simon thinks that English people are stupid. While the others seems to agree with him. To me, when I first came to Sheffield, I noticed that English people are very polite. Everything starts with a “Please” and ends with “Thank you”. Well, not exactly every Malaysian respects Europeans, obviously there are some xenophobic people in Malaysia.