Food in Malaysia [Part 1]

I love taking pictures of food.
For the past 2 years, I’ve been on a food photography spree. Although not as hardcore as, here’s my humble collection.

Chicken Rice Ball @ The Chicken Rice Ball Shop, Jongket Street, Melaka
Click below for more 😀

Beef Noodles @ Restaurant Lucky, Seri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

Char Siew Pork Noodles @ Summit Shopping Centre

Steam Duck Noodles @ Sun Heng Loong, SS2,PJ

Economic Rice @ Jalan Mega Mendung, Old Klang Road, KL, emerged during 1980s due to the Economic Crisis.

Ice Blended Mango and Steam Duck Noodles @ Asia Cafe, SS15. New food court.

Jane’s favourite Mango Lou @ KTZ, SS2, PJ

Some sort of roll @ KTZ, SS2, PJ

Sashimi @ Sugimoto, Hartamas.

Takeaway Sushi @ Jusco
To be continued…ahhh… mouths watering..

15 thoughts on “Food in Malaysia [Part 1]”

  1. oiii….so bad…
    rubbing it in for us overseas ppl.
    were all of them good? then this aug i come back and visit them all leh.

  2. ehhhhhh! whats wif the pictures of food! dun like that wei…=(
    aussie no hawker food! lolzz
    oh u dine in sugimoto too?lol..good choice =p

  3. Geee… xes, your food pictures are very nice too yer~ ^_^ Ever think of switch into a food blog. Kihkihkih…
    Btw, you and frank didn’t go to the PPS bash?

  4. fishfish: kekekek maybe ill do that! mmm..we werent invited for it 🙁
    Applegal: Jusco Sushi is nice 😀
    Jac: its damn onzz la..but the Melaka ones are not as nice the Muar ones.
    zhong: eh..looks digusting but taste damnn good wei!!
    honfaai: wait la. this is part 1…part 2 havent come out yet..
    lee li: ooo which part of oz?
    ferker: first u take seremban – KL highway. exit at bukit jalil. go straight, until u see an overhead bright..ul’ll also see a train station on ur left. go up the overhead brigde and turn right…go straightttt..keep leftt..until u reach the 2nd traffic light..turn left…from there, u go straight for about 1 – 2km, u’ll end up at a Tjunction…turn left…go straight until u reach the third traffic light (u’ll go up the hill), on the 3rd traffic right, do a left turn..there u’ll see a hill. go straight’, u’ll bypass some stalls selling duck meat..on ur first traffic light..turn left..and tada~~ u’re in OUG!!

  5. ooh, join the club. i take way too many pics of food too!
    but at first glance, the chicken rice ball looked like a melting ice-cream scoop. 😛

  6. eraine: *p00t /me too much
    jasmine: heheheh i notice that on your site. so when are you gonna take a picture of yourself and post it on your site? hehe
    wingk: hehe! ngap chai min!!

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