Friday Humour: Milking Machine

A farmer ordered a high-tech milking machine. Since the equipment arrived when his wife was out of town, he decided to test it on himself first.
So, he inserted his “manhood” into the equipment, turned on the switch and everthing else was automatic.
Soon, he realized that the equipment provided him with much pleasure.
When the fun was over, though, he quickly realized that he couldn’t remove the instrument from his ‘member’.
He read the manual but didn’t find any useful information on how to disengage himself. He tried every button on the instrument, but still without success.
Finally, he decided to call the supplier’s Customer Service Hot Line with his cell phone (Thanks to his cell phones!)
“Hello, I just bought a milking machine from your company. It works fantastic, but how do I remove it from the cow’s udder?”
“Don’t worry,” replied the customer service rep, “The machine will release automatically once it’s collected two gallons.”
Haha! I know some of you must have read this somewhere. But yay, TGIF and have a good weekend!

6 thoughts on “Friday Humour: Milking Machine”

  1. it’ll suck the living hell outta him.
    but its kinda stupid, once u cum, ur member shrinks, n it’ll let go. wont it? unless hes got his crown jewels stuck innit as well.

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