galferari’s birthday party!

Major EVENT!!!

WanSan and Janice’s Joint 21st Birthday Party

Empire Bar, Sheffield, United Kingdom
22nd May 2004
9pm – 1am

All invited!!

10 thoughts on “galferari’s birthday party!”

  1. woohoo!! wan san’s party!!! too bad hafta wait another 3 weeks… 🙁 yupp myko… i’m sure its gona be greattt as it is di, but if u grace us with ur presence then better lah!

  2. .myko: It will be my honour to have you in this party… My friend once said, ”it’s not the place that determines whether it will be fun…it’s the crowd!”dogma: I would love to have you too! heheheheheee…iv’N: Of course!! Can’t have M’sia dominate all the parties all the time, right?*winks=’D

  3. nah it wld b my honour & pleasure 2 go 😉 agreed wid the quote galferari, but.. i dun think that i will know many ppl there >.< hMMpph.. but am still contemplating whether to go or not =] but most likely knowing me i will be going.. hahahaa =p

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