God damn CLP results

I couldn’t sleep well this morning. Calls started coming in at 10AM. Everyone seems to be hyped out about the legal examination results, which came out this morning.

I, on the other hand, was stressed. The jam in Kuala Lumpur didn’t help at all. My heartbeat went berserk as I travel to the examination board. My friend made it worst by telling me that his friend failed the exams.

The results were displayed at a notice board, with names of people who passed and those with a conditional pass (that means failed one paper, need to resit the failed paper). Guess what I got?

I got a f*cking conditional PASS ARGHHHHH

However, my overall results were good. I got A, B, C and P (pass) for my other 4 papers. I failed my Civil Procedure. It was one of my strongest subjects but yet I failed it. It could be due to the incident I had few hours before exams (where I vomited and became drowsy in the exam hall). I am deeply disappointed.

The good news is that I’m one of the rumoured 19% who passed this year.

Oh well, resits will be held next month. I’ll bury myself with notes till then.

f*ck.. I dont want my A, give me a P for my civil procedure!!

Excuse me while I stab myself. *stab stab stab* *blood splatters all over the room*

24 thoughts on “God damn CLP results”

  1. thanks tt 😀 BVCbabe:keterangan is criminal evidence . kertas am is general paper (contract and tort), amalam profesional is professional practice (land law, bankruptcy, ethnics and advocacy, probate and administrration)

  2. wwwwaaaahhh, you are the MAN weik!!! one of the 19% man!! dont play play ooorrrhh…oh well, you can make it man for the resit paper!!

  3. Congratulations -soon you’ll be a rich lawyer 🙂 And guess what? Rich men are never ugly!!! You’ll become a chick magnet! [PS -were the exams in Malay or English?]

  4. leongs..since you only have one paper to sit for this time, you’d be darn sure to ace it! :o) see, now you don’t have to stress studying for FIVE papers! only ONE! sure pass one larh! no worries, dude *hugs* :o)

  5. wow.. congrats on the passed papers!!! you are on the way to success.. so dun stab ler.. *sayang sayang* no worth you stab youself for the one failed paper.. add oil and gluck for resit!!!

  6. It’s lucky u din fail your professional courtesy. If not, i’ll be imagining you throwing your bench at the judge everytime your objection is over ruled. :Þ

  7. im sure u can pass it the next time 🙂 but u might as well consider changing ur studies to ‘melbourne shuffling’ hehe…perhaps u can make more money out of that…*LOL*just jk! go kill ’em alllll!!! 🙂

  8. hahaha xes…a conditional pass? That’s good? How about those people with PASS WITH FLYING COLOURS? they must be the biggest liars in the world…=)Hehee…anyway you got A for explaination…..Awesome..but ur professional behavior pass only? Haiseh…u can start working with ally mcbeal already..Hehehe…anyway still congrats that u passed this Cia Lat Paper…….super tough paper rite? What if u didn’t get food poisoning on that day? HMMmmmMM….

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