Good Bye Sheffield

  • I’ll be leaving for Malaysia in 8 ½ hours.
  • I just got back from Ranmoor hall. It seems like a tearful good bye for everyone although we going back for 3-4 weeks! Everyone was like hugging, have-a-save-journey shit bla bla. Jason Kwok is in Sheffield, he was in Ranmoor just now, and I had a can of Carling with him before I went back to Tapton, shesh, should have spend some time with him. I spend most of the time in Ranmoor in Wen Dee’s room, we were chatting and chatting. I felt so guilty cause I didn’t like spend any time with the others. shesh man.
  • I putted all my stuff in Khai Fei‘s place. Everyone helped me to shift my stuff there. weee! My room feels so empty now. I felt like I’m leaving this place forever.
  • Khai Fei gave me a Christmas present! Yeah! Michelle, Frederick and Sam each gave me a Christmas card. I felt so guilty for not giving them anything..grrr
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