Gosh, it’s thursday?

I had a terrible day.
1st of all, I woke up and thought that it was a Monday. Thank God, I knew its 1st September so it did not affect my work.
Then again, I overslept and woke up at 8:55am. FUCK!!! I rushed to the toilet to wash up.
“NO PROBLEM, FRANK! Your office is just 10 mins from your place and the boss doesn’t come in till 10am.”
I left home about 9:10am, arrived at the office at above 9:20am. When I pushed open the office door….
FUCK!!! My Boss was already there AND he was looking at some files on table. So, I hide my bag and pretend I just came back from breakfast.
“Good morning, Boss.”
“Frank, you finish chambering already right. That mean, you are gonna be in the office very often. Nah…here is some more work for you.”
FUCK, FOUR BIG FILES. Ok, no complain lar because the files I get, the more I will learn.
While my boss was briefing me on the new work, suddenly….
ARRRRRRRRGH…stomach ache.
“Excuse me Boss, I stomach-ache.”
I ran in and out the toilet five times in the morning. It must be the DAMN Curry rice I ate last night. I didn’t do much work in the morning because most of the time, I was in the toilet. When I wanted to bring some cause paper to read in the toilet, the PA barked at me…
“FRANK!!! That’s disgusting!”
I didn’t want to go out for lunch because I had to draft a super urgent letter for the Boss but my senior insisted that I should eat. Hence, we ate in the coffee shop. I didn’t enjoy my lunch every much.
After lunch, I receive a fax from the opponent. The content of the letter said that there one of my matters was mentioned today but we were not there.
I check the court diary. FUCK, someone wrote the wrong date in the diary. I wanted to kick the person but i didn’t because the matter was adjourned to another date. THANK GOD!!!
Later on, while I was browsing through the files and I found that one of the applications I made and filed was missing. The file copy was missing as well and we were suppose to serve an unsealed copy to the opponent 14 days after we filed the application. AND THE LAST DAY IS NEXT MONDAY!!! FUCK!!!
I told my boss about it and also to get his permission to go Court. I drove like a mad man down the Court. When I arrived, it started to rain, heavily. FUCK!!! I was soaked when I got to the Court building. The court staff as usual was not very helpful when I told them that I NEED to extract the SEAL copy NOW. All they could say is…
So, i explained to them again and they said,
DAMN DUMB right? I explained to them one fucking more time, stressing the words “SUPER URGENT” and “MUST EXTRACT IT TODAY” and “I SHALL BE VERY REGRATEFUL”. All, they said was,
“Datang balik besok boleh? (Can you come back tommorow)”
I knew it, they want to “drink coffee”. No way, i am gonna give in. But, i didn’t give up, i explained to them again and again and again…finally, the lady in charge was annoyed by me. She said
I “TUNGGU-ed” for 2 hours (that’s considered very fast already). Thank God I got the seal copy. However, all court staff hated me now because I was very whiny and pushy. They did not like whiny and pushy people; they like to be worshipped like a God. Sorry, Ali and Ahmad, i want to worship you but not today.
Anyway, I got back to the office and the that CIBAI person came up to me and said,
“Hey, Frank. If you got problem with me, you just tell me. No need to report to the Boss. Understand!”
I gave him a “FUCK YOU” smile.
MAHAI, I got told off from him for helping him clearing his shit before it blew up in my face, all the lawyers’ face and the boss’s face and ESPECIALLY HIS face!!! AND when the whole thing blew up, who is he gonna point finger at?
Then, who is gonna get the big stick from the boss?
But, who is gonna get fire?
P.S. I feel much better after having a Bleach (a famous japanese anime) marathon. So, i decided to forgive him now. YOU LUCKY BASTARD, i forgive you!!!

23 thoughts on “Gosh, it’s thursday?”

  1. aiyoh dammn typical response from some Court staff la.
    Me: Cik, I have a hearing now, can i look at a file? where is it?
    Court Staff: “………” (looks sideways)
    Me: (grumbles to self) WOI FUCKING DEAF AH
    I repeated the same thing 10 minutes later.
    Court Staff; TUNGGU LA (WAIT)
    how typical..

  2. frank: welcome to (litigation) practice drink is either colonial cup’s breakfast or sing nam’s from seniors. but too bad, i don’t go to court anymore la.

  3. Frank: can u sue his smelly ass for defamation ???? U after all saved his ass which is quite contrary to what he claimed happened……

  4. frank: *blur* r we competing bout popularity har? *hehe* … had one plaintiff who called me to confirm trial date, to remind HIS lawyer. his lawyer is really crap – he actually forgot to attend court once, and he scolded his client for not reminding him.

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