This is what I call ART!!



Yes, these are Drew’s Graffitis done in Melbourne.



Also part of THE Melbourne Graffiti!

So, you ask “What have Malaysians got to do with it?”

I’m telling you,

I'm loving it.jpg

Yes, I’m loving it at SS2 McDs

Graffiti has begun to hit the walls in Malaysia with a ssSSsssSSSTTTTTT~~!

The wonderful sound of a spray can at work, ladies and gentlemen.
At least, it has in my bedroom~

room being graffitied.jpg
Is it a good idea?

Well, those of you out there, if you want to sembur, remember to…

.. Sembur With Style!

**Pictures are courtesy of Drew, a close friend and upcoming Malaysia’s biggest graffiti artist aka spray painter larh! teehehee*
Check him out here!

Close shop?

No larh..where can??

11 thoughts on “graFfiTi”

  1. yeah…all his t-shirt designs are one-of-a-kind only! And, I have one!!
    xes: you should consider asking him..he’s very friendly!
    Lainie: he’ll be pleased to know 😉

  2. Thanks People for all the nice comments… you guys can contact me if you want me to do anything at all… I’ll be glad to help 🙂

  3. ganjaguru: Your unjust criticism appears to be a disguised compliment to me. Thank you for your expressive comment.
    It will be of great interest to see a collaboration between the aerosol addicts and the SWS’s work.

  4. lol. im whacked so forgive me ignorance. no offence tho, drews canvas r sweet but not the ones on the wall. double devil looks evil. nice. besides that and the lim kok wing obey styli stickers which is funny as. others are just not my cuppa tea. thats all.

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