21 thoughts on “Green Tea Kit Kat”

  1. how does it taste wei? green tea = a lil bitter. chocolate = sweet
    so green tea kitkat = bitter & sweet? 😀
    how contradicting this world is becoming of late huh?

  2. darren: yeah1 but the chocolate in the picture has melted..so it doesnt look so good. hehe
    dilirius: tuk han seen!!! hehe
    pikey: yes it is! u should have bought one when u were in japan!
    honfaai: its like green tea flavoured chocolate..not very bitter htough
    Amos: mmmm share? mmmm…. lemme process it first..then we’ll share 😀
    blossom: low fat??? mmm not sure about that..hhe
    Sharon: ok sure!! send me stamps first! hehe
    Lola: ehhhhhhhhh why gross????
    kiang: whahwahahah
    yvonne: purposely wanna spoil ur diet hehe
    Lainie: i got 1 packet left.. u want? hehe
    bent: kekekek of course!!
    frank: i think so
    TAJMAHAL: mmm dotn think its new..its been in the japanese market for quite some time
    Jolyne: its only availble in Japan

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