What is this?

I found this insect sticking to my car window few days ago. It looks poisonous. No idea what is it.
That reminds me of an incident I had couple of years back…
I was lying on the bed, reading a comic with a packet of dried squids on the floor.
My eyes began to feel heavy and hence I fell asleep….
Minutes later..I woke up to resume my comic and proceeded to grab another dried squid.
*munch.. mmmm… O_O!!!

13 thoughts on “Green?”

  1. Applegal : looks like a scorpion to me πŸ˜€
    Gavin: fugger u will die tonight la.
    fishfish: its better than sushi hehe
    Pakap: taste like dried squid with smelly ants kekeke
    Darren: 8 legged? spider? hehe

  2. lol. i ate ‘chee cheong fun’ together with cockroach last month.
    damn it was disgusting!
    ps* i’m affriad of cockroach. hahaha

  3. mary: euw!!! how does it taste like then? how was the egg yolk?? hehe
    chuoming: the ants were crawling on the dried squid..
    zhong: euwwww… where was it??

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