Hamtaro…..awwwwwwww….so cute

Introducing, a korean anime (correct me if i am wrong), HAMTARO.

awwwwwwwwwwwwww………….so cute!!!!!!!!!!!
Hamtaro is the name of one the hamster. He is the star of the show.

16 thoughts on “Hamtaro…..awwwwwwww….so cute”

  1. watched that anime once long time ago, man it was really annoying… the voice they tapped with especially actually.. though i think its japanese

  2. Hamha! (that’s Hello in Ham-Ham language)
    Hamtaro’s picture no. 11. The rest are his gang – The Ham-Hams! And oh, Hamtaro’s japanese 😉 Ookyoo!

  3. A girl went crazy over these “hamsters”. Then she went and buy real hamsters and start naming them after hamtaro and the gang.
    The they all died from starvation.

  4. dracolshian: Yes, u r right.
    karheng: We decided to be cute for a moment =P
    JolingX: Hey babe, next time find cute doggy doggy for u, kay.
    Ben: But they r still so cute…like mickey. So old ady but still so cute.
    honfaai: I am not their fan too but they are cute.
    jul: nie chung yi mou?
    Lynnzter: Lynn, u r right!!! Hamtaro is jap meh? Thought it’s korean..thanks for the clarification.
    DieHardX: No, i am not. You are just jealous cos hamtaro-kun is cute.
    gguni: So sad one, the story. =P

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