Hang Tou Pat Ming..

Yesterday, while performing my legal aid duty @ Criminal Magistrate Court, we had this slightly built tall Chinese guy. My partner for the day, Sue Yin interviewed him in the lockup.

Since she knows how to speak Chinese as well, I left her alone to interview the client. Suddenly, she called for me.

Sue Yin: I don’t understand what is he saying.
Me: What are you charged for?
Guy: Hang tou pat Ming.. (I think he said that in Chinese)
Me: What is that???
He nodded his head… and said..
Guy: Mmm..i went to the stairs and took off my pants…

Poor guy was too embarrassed to explain it to Sue Yin.

He seems like a normal person. But what he did was sick. Apparently, according to the brief facts, he stripped naked and climbed a staircase at an apartment. He flashed at a lady who was cooking @ her kitchen. She immediately screamed out loud.
The husband of the lady immediately chased after him and so did the apartment residents. He was caught in no time.

Under S294(a) of the Malaysian Penal Code, the imprisonment sentence may extend to 3 months. For that offence, Mr. Flasher was sentenced to 1 month imprisonment.

I almost laughed out loud when the brief facts were read out. The lawyer next to me was laughing as well. So did the interpreter who was reading the charge out loud. LOL

One of my colleagues told us of one her previous experience. It was couple of years ago, she was walking alone around Taylor’s College in PJ. Suddenly, a man in a blue Wira (Malaysian Car) stopped next to her.. The driver stopped and said to colleague, “Mau tengok? (you want to see?).

Colleague: NoOOOOOO
Driver: Mau Tengok?? (you want to see??)
Colleague: NO!

The Indian driver didn’t care. He took off his pants and started flashing off his thing. Apparently this guy is infamous for flashing around that college area. His Blue Wira used to lurk there to pray on girls. I wonder if he’s still there. Girls, please feel free to smash his car or stomp his balls whenever he flashes again.

17 thoughts on “Hang Tou Pat Ming..”

  1. there was always this chinese man on a motorbike in front of taylors, not just flashing his thingie, but wanking as well. i was unlucky enough to have seen him twice! didnt dare look look close enough to get the bike number. silly me.

  2. is this the sue yin from middle temple? anyway i’m just curious, how do you catch a naked man? i mean, i wouldn’t want to touch him, and if u don’t touch him how are you gonna catch him?

  3. A malay guy in a van pulled up in front of the bus stop where my friend and I were sitting at and took his thing out to wank. When I saw it, I said “SHIT!!!” out loud, wanted to walk to the guardhouse nearby and tell them but he saw what I was doing and drove off.
    I showed him my middle finger and started shouting “Fucking idiot! Fucking stupid idiot!!” right there on the street, some more holding bible because was suppose to go to church. So mad after that, should have kicked his tail light or something. If I had pepper spray… bwahahahaha 😉

  4. sara: nvm..just time just scream..WOI is that all you got?? why so small one??
    frank: wahlao if that happens, i’ll get the officer to bash him up heheh
    chuoming: donno la. maybe just bash him with something until he goes unconscience?
    Applegal: u should have done the tendangan padu maut on his balls.
    michelle lee: damn subeng is the land of flashers.

  5. i dont think subang’s the problem, rather the student population there makes it a good spot for the flashers to well, flash at potential victims….
    grr still traumatised by my unfortunate encounter with the chinese man’s ugly dick. i remember i was heading for makan then, totally spoilt my appetite

  6. You know for girls, we get traumatised when we see dick. If guys were flashed a nice set of boobs, I don’t think they’d mind at all. World’s unfair no? 😉

  7. yahor why no girls flash their boobs at me, so sad… u see tv kuai lo girls always flashing their boobs at ppl one…

  8. dont want to be insensative.. but i dont get it. why girls get so damn traumatise being flashed at? i meant.. its just a dick.. nxt time oso will see when get married. or even see b4 getting married rite? only thing is.. its a stranger’s dick.. wont that be different from seeing porn. and btw.. im refering to as long as the dick is in normal condition ;p no “wai” stuff

  9. yea i agree do u know that if u cut off a guy’s dick he will go blind 1st then die? it’s an essential thing we can’t live without please don’t be afraid of it

  10. no im not afraid of dicks, in fact i quite like seeing one under the right circumstances 😉
    but the flasher’s dick was plain gross. it was freaking pale pink, like it has some disease of some sort, probably from wanking too much.
    lightsaber? maybe half the length, UNactivated

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