happy new year!

This is an overview of what has happen in the year 2003.

2003 has been pretty shitty for me. It was the roughest time I’ve ever gone through. In the year 2003,

1. Suffered 2 heartbreaks
2. Rejected by Bar schools and eventually had to return to Malaysia
3. The worst financial position that I’ve ever been, my savings of RM10, 000 plunged to RM29
4. My mum crashed her car and days later our house porch collapsed
5. Liquidation of my mother’s business
6. Suffered from depression and suicidal tendencies.

I’m not the only person who suffered such misfortune this year, the human civilization suffered from loads of misfortunes too. For example,
1. The SARS epidemic
2. Iraq War
3. J.W Marriot Bombing in Jakarta
4. Global recession
5. Civil wars in Africa countries
6. Iran earthquake that took more than 30, 000 lives


But on the bright side, I
1. Successfully graduated with a degree
2. Learnt how to cook, eat vegetables and enjoy myself in 16 Watson Road, Sheffield.
3. Been to places that I would never forget
4. Met many friends that I adore, love and never fails to brighten up my day
5. Worked in a great law firm with loads of caring people
6. Learnt Japanese language

I yearn for a better year this time. Welcome 2004!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

17 thoughts on “happy new year!”

  1. We benefit from what we lost through experience and lessons. We cherish from what we earn.Basically everything is good if you look at the optimistical side of it.3ppy n3w y34r!

  2. It’s ok xes, once u pop-ed, u can’t stop. Woo hoo!!!!!!!Happy New Lear Everybody and may u’ll succeed in whatever u all do.

  3. stfu gayvin dont let me post what u said last night about being a lawyer ehheheheheratz, mikeoii, jasmine, penny: happy new year, may you guys have a better new year..frostie dont listen to gayvin, he’s ghey

  4. ivan: popop? nothing la keke i am clean man…penny: f4 only? aiyo still so young ah..nvm nvm..nationall service awaits you ehhe

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