Have you seen this girl?

Ms. Michelle Kirsten Tai, another fellow blogger with the url of http://www.michelle-kirsten.blogspot.com/ has been missing since last Friday. Her family has made a police report and a local Chinese newspaper has issued a front page notice looking for her.
Her cousin, Ms. Jessie has left a message on Michelle’s tagboard stating:-
Jessie: Hi Everyone I am Michelle’s cousin Please help us to find Michelle as she has not been back home since yesterday afternoon….. Please tell her to contact us back home as we are very worried about her and we have already lodge a police report…. Please call us at 03-77811819(home), 017-8835 118 (Dad), 017-3139 658 (Mum), 012-653 2114 (Jessie) MIchelle ….please call back..we miss you & we all love you – Jessie-
This is unlike the usual missing person notice, this notice is not just a face. A visit to her blog reveals a life before this tragedy. A love life, good friends, trips to here and there, her devotion to God and so on. It’s sad to see such calamity affecting a young person like her. So please, contact the above numbers if you have any information and save tEh turtles.
This community service message is brought to you by www.xes.cx. Please pass the message around.

SOURCE: http://angelzparadise.blogspot.com/2006/08/thank-god-shes-found.html

25 thoughts on “Have you seen this girl?”

  1. duno…from her blog, it seemed as tho she was in a depression before she went missing. Judging from what she blogged, her last entry, give it all to Jesus, showed the peak of her depression.
    My guess is that she probably went overdose on alcohol or tried to commit suicide. No staunch Christian would resort to that. However, when someone says that you do things which you don’t normally do in her previous post, she might have tried. Whether she’s still around or not, I don’t know. But there’s more to life than breaking up in a 5 month relationship.
    She probably should have consulted Bimbobum before doing anything…I guess that’s when you can say that gals don’t take rejection too well either. It was obvious the guy this girl was in love with didn’t have the slightest feelings for her anymore. Well, whateva the case, just hope for the best for her la…Certainly not worth a life for all that huh?

  2. maybe another victim of Jim Jones’s.. So please, contact the above numbers if you have any information and save tEh turtles. => save the turtles?? -_______________-“..

  3. I absolutely agree with karheng’s suggestion
    that she should have consulted bimbobum first.
    Bimbobum afterall is the inhouse psychologist
    and counselling aunty.

  4. I skimmed thru her blog a bit… seem like she’s put too much thought in her relationship.
    If it’s the 5-month relationship that caused this complication in her life, so worry for her life… she just got to learn to LET GO

  5. according to a friend whos mother is a friend of her mother
    apparently a cab driver was the culprit for the missing of this chick …
    hmm not sure of it though …
    but whats sure is that she was found in the park ant Bangkung, Bangsar … the booze picnic area …

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