26 thoughts on “Haze!!!!”

  1. Hey Cheng Leong,
    If you don’t remember me, I was the one to send you the taiwan stamps somewhere last year. Was wondering where your office is cause when I look out this evening from my office block window, amazingly it’s exactly the same view as the photo you took! Deja Vu! hehe…

  2. Amos: yeah siberiajaya and also sumatra
    galferari: yes…hehehehe..except toilet
    Wendy: thats the view of my office @ Jalan Tun Razak. you work around there as well??
    baburs: same here!!
    dARREN: could be la. stoopid buggers should have just cut the trees and sell them before they plant their stuff man
    glo: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    earlku: hehe yeah but the hot version of genting
    pinktutu: yea i saw it on the newspaper!
    kev: u almost died from shaking ur ass like jlo?

  3. glo: damn i knew it was you, my windows was shut tight when i smoked mine … but my neighbours still complain that someone is smoking shit behind them … haha

  4. I’m at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Megan Avenue.
    Kewl that it’s exactly the same view. Guess you’re at phileo promenade or menara TH…

  5. sure thing, XES! hehe… come to megan avenue. got good cakes here and also some good food. 😛
    KinkyPugKevin, do you own a pug? I’ve a pug too!

  6. wokooko: wah ambank? i tot u work @ astro or something??
    wendy: megan avenue..never been there for lunch..but far la hehe come phileo la! and mmmm i think kevin is referring to his butt pug… O_O

  7. phileo ar… far la.. hehe. Can come la when I have to drop by. Wonder if Melvin is free, maybe get him to come as well…

  8. Yahlor… the panda melvin. wanna catch him before he go back to states… am checking with him now… hehe at least he’ll know how to contact you mer..

  9. i guess it really was u i thought i saw at menara phileo yesterday (3rd Aug 05). thought u looked really familiar, are u workin at Lee H?! Cos i go there from time to time as im organisin the law careers convention. drop me a mail k?

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