House of Fish Ball @ Uptown Damansara

House of Fish Ball is a Chinese restaurant which serves, among otheres, Teo Chew fishballs and fish cakes. This place is fondly known as the “No Piggy Place” because it claims that it doesn’t serve pork.

I was told that there are a number of branches for this restaurant. My usual branch would be the one at Uptown Damansara.

My favourite meal is not only their homemade noodles but also their lime juice. It comes in a clear glass with a piece of pickled lime sour plum on the bottom. Once mixed, the drink becomes brownish!

It’s so good that you can actually but a container of it.

Once you’re done with your meal, they have numerous desserts for you to choose.

The other thing that really interests me is thing particular gadget which can trap flies. It has two rotating cylinder which some how attract flies. The flies are thereafter trapped in a clear casing. I wonder how it works.
[Edit: Video of the creator of the gadget. Thanks Henry for the link]


4 thoughts on “House of Fish Ball @ Uptown Damansara”

  1. Darren: it is actually quite small. I need at least double noodles šŸ˜€
    Henry: thank you so much for the I know the flies partied to death in the chamber.

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