If Only I Could be a Road Rager

Now, does the word ‘rager’ actually exist?
If you know and have used the road to get to Plaza Mont Kiara or the Coffeebean / Baskin Robbins / SoHo at Mont Kiara Shoplex, you know that you don’t have to drive through Desa Sri Hartamas, but can take the right turn from the Penchala Link access road, right? (Okay, my description is bad, sorry!)
And you know how one lane leads you straight back to Desa Sri Hartamas and the other leads you to the places mentioned in the paragraph above, ya?
But you know how that particular lane can be rather long, due to the traffic lights during peak hours, ya?
So we have smart alecs a.k.a. idiotic drivers which brains the size of red beans who cut in right in front of the cue, ya?
When this situation happens, I really wish I had the guts to walk over to the driver’s window and smash it open, pull him out (oh I’m sure it’s ALWAYS a man!) and beat him up, and scream in his face with my saliva dripping down his eyes, tell him the next time he cuts the queue again, I will burn his house down, together with his 3 chickens, 2 dogs and Renoma briefs and stab him with a pitchfork!
And crush his balls with my stiletto heels.

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