Infusion @ Atmosphere

Kent Clubbers held a free party for all its members and their guest. I was told that they were giving out free finger food and free booze plus liquor. I guess that?s what everybody heard since there were loads of people. The free food was good especially the cheesecake. However, we were cheated, instead of free booze plus liquor, they gave out free Pepsi Blue. We had to buy our own liquor! But never mind, the food was good and their performances were good too.

The music went good to bad and then bad to worst. Infusion sucks. Infusion is made up of 3 DJS. They?re actually a band as one of them sang the vocals.

The crowd was good, loads of pretty people. I bet Ryan the gay magnet got picked up by gay men again. Hehe. However, towards the end of the night, the club was pack, so pack that I couldn?t stand still on the same place for 5 seconds as people keep on pushing me.

I stood straight with my arms folded staring at the DJ console. Then suddenly, a cute petite girl came to me,
Hi, excuse me. Are you taking care of your girlfriend now? (Referring to the girls standing on the podium)
Me: Oh no, I’m looking at the DJs now.
(In a flirty tone and cute face) ohh, you’re not dancing? Can you please move over a little so I can dance? (Well she didn?t exactly said that but it was something like that)
Me: ….
Me: okay sure no problem!

Well, I could have continued our conversation but I was too shy. Damn, there goes another cute girl. Well, if I were to continue the conversation, I?ll just initiate an innocent conversation. But according to Dion, I should have said, “well I’ve been looking for a girl to dance with. Do you mind?” Ha ha. I might as well say, “Hey is your father a terrorist? Cause you are the bomb!!!”

Pictures @ Sui Sui‘s website

20 thoughts on “Infusion @ Atmosphere”

  1. It wasn’t Pepsi Blue, its some weird yucky tasting cocktail, but later the other one was not too bad, a lil bit of MidoriBtw, its INFUSION!!!!

  2. awwwwwwww…….. u should ask her to dance, btw, the pick up line are lame….don’t use it plzand U…SHY!!?????? NO WAY!!!

  3. Yea I used that pickup line as a reference and WenDee told me its super uber lame :pIts INFUSION lar sohai…And why the hell you didnt share your cute chick with the rest of us?

  4. suisui: dowan to mention my tomato incident here. heehoo infusion..kekegavin: share? share wif u? i tot you are gay??? aahhaha

  5. ok the only reason u didnt layan the cute petite girl is probably coz she didn’t meet ur ‘minimum requirements’ aiiighhhtt? πŸ˜€

  6. Leong you idiot…you think I wanna meet your requirements??!?! Furthermore what makes you think that I am trying to get to you? eEEew….siCKo lar you!!

  7. muaAhahHAhha dunno meh?? leong doesnt want an A or a B or a C, give him a D, an E or send him to oblivion, give him an FF!!!:D πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  8. oh not forgetting the face toooo..kekeke anyway the face is my “paramount” requirement hahaha then only minimum requirement applies

  9. If u want some better pick up lines, try these…”I’ve lost my phone number -can I borrow yours?””When I’m good I’m very good, but when I’m bad I’m better…” (CL you should be able to carry that off with your smile hahaha.)

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