is it wrong to flirt when you’re attached?

You’ve heard people using the term “I’m single, but not available” to describe their status. Can’t they just say that they’re seeing someone exclusively instead of being so indirect? geez. Is this considered playing to hard to get??

One of the reasons why you were attracted to your partner in the first place was the way she flirted with you outrageously – you fell for it. (suckerrr! ;P) You believed that she was just flirting with you and not in general.

You realise one day that you were pretty wrong. She flirts with every living thing she comes in contact with. You confront her/him but s/he denies it.

The next time it happens, you confront her/him and again s/he denies it. But it’s obvious to the friends around you that s/he was indeed flirting like there is no tomorrow!

There was once a friend of mine who went clubbing, together with his girlfriend and friends. She acted pretty weird through out the night, not really talking to him, but she spoke to everyone else and flirted like mad with friends and everyone around. (What, sulking in public? I hate people who do that!) There was hugging, she was sitting on laps, holding hands, whispering in ears and giggling, patting of backs, tickling…..and then….. and then… AND THEN
… the girl kissed this stranger in public.


a mega long kiss on the lips.



But that girl! If i was her boyfriend …..

If my partner ever did that to me,

Oh yeah, there was even some groping involved.


f*cking indecent, man!

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33 thoughts on “is it wrong to flirt when you’re attached?”

  1. your friend, Mr. Boyfriend must have lost his face kau-kau that day. What the reason for the girl to do so?
    And hey… groping somemore. Thats a real fooked up day for Mr. Boyfriend. He must have done something wrong earlier…. its payback I’d guess.
    As a girl, you dont do such thing if your boyfriend didn’t do anything wrong, do you?

  2. oh yeah.. back to your question.
    Theres no right or wrong to flirt when attached. If situation permits, do it…. with knowing your limit. Just don’t fooking do it when bf/gf is around. Thats all. Thats painful and disrespect.

  3. uwah this kinda gf i sure dun wan leh.. except if i acted the same way as her la.. but i do innocent flirting w ppl i know very well lar.. nothing extreme lar.. even though i am seeing some1 at the meantime.. but flirting w others in front of ur partner is a nono thingy lar.. amd flirting w stangers is lagi a nono when u seeing some1 else.. flirting w frens it’s okie coz they know u are not serious just playing playing :D.. -Flirting is an Art-

  4. i kesian ur fren le…gf also liddat, its either smth he did until she flirts liddat or its in her nature to flirt…either way tat shouldn’t happen
    btw…u have ssooooooooooooooooooooo many paperbags to waste ar…RECYCLE!!!!

  5. poor friend of yours. he should had left the place early to avoid all the scence.Dont tell me he just watch as she purposely flirts around lah?

  6. when you’re attached, it is only wrong to flirt if the flirting is way overfriendly! both ways, of course. if you’re flirting with someone (waiter, waitress?) to get better service, by all means. but if it’s to make your girlfriend or boyfriend jealous just because of an argument, obviously not very mature, right? but the thing is, usually the guys are always in denial about flirting!! i cannot stand guys who talk in a manja way to other girls when the girlfriend is around.
    touchy-feely flirting is even worse, when you’re attached.
    but kissing in public and groping…. really grounds for a break up.

  7. endroo G: what is the limit? is there a general limit or subjective, depending on the person?
    Thrillseeker: show us your Art ;P
    AvalonDevil: to throw dirty underwear ;P
    honfaai: ahaha… you very pro la now? ;P
    pokai: ravage the stupid boyfriend by the end of the night when feeling horny then! not ravage someone else. ;P i think some people can’t stay faithful or don’t like to be restricted in their behaviour just because they’re attached already.
    karheng: self-worth? people are happy when there’s a response to their flirting. h-a-p-p-i-n-e-s-s …. ;P
    fr0stie: ya, man! (but still friends with her? ;P)
    rych: he thought he’d be taking care of her by hanging around. when the kissing happened, he left. no eye see.
    piffles: manja way???????? gross! i can’t stand guys talking that way either. and then tugging at your sleeve, pouting, threatening to sulk ….. in public.

  8. See that alot in clubs. I figure they’re just under the influence of alchohol and abit hornier than usual. XD

  9. what to do? usually tat hot girls are behaving that way…
    even those guys also going clubbing… infront of their gf flirting around…
    maybe just trying to get attention anyway =P

  10. Abalon: so you’re saying a flirt is also an artist? ;P
    insomnia: hot guys too! or those who are not hot thinking they’re hot and they flirt. aiyoo….. potong stim!

  11. bimbo: by limit i mean is that you know your bf/gf is there, when you flirts just avoid touching waist/shoulder etc.. save the kissing and groping. If you know your bf/gf is a very sensitive person, you should know what not to do…. at least to a limit.

  12. endroo: ya. if too sensitive, then better change gf/bf or tell them to grow up! hehe. but seriously, hmmm….. must respect la. no respect, better not paktoh.
    *blur* i dunno wat i’m talking about
    faai: ahaha… where got. actually he more tulan u guestblogger din blog! *spank* must punish ;P

  13. heng: and soon, soon… i will! haha
    bimbo: u oso not available for me to date!
    xes: eh nola. bimbo dont want to make with me!

  14. if my girl did that kind of shit, and had the nerve to do it in public id beat the shit out of the guy who she was wid, no matter how big he was, and then run up to her and wipe the blood off my hands onto her best top.. yep thats it

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