japanese classes during reading week. grr

» It seems that Nagai Sensei has quit her job as a lecturer for our Japanese classes. A young Japanese lady who seems to be inexperienced is replacing her. However, she did a good job today. She was able to make me remember everything she taught by repeating over and over again.

Some of my classmates were commenting on my hair. Andre, from Germany was telling me how she made dreadlocks on her hair. She said she did it herself and all she did was just by not washing her hair. She said that the hair would twist automatically. Euwww

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

» This new hairstyle is really troublesome. Sleeping and washing it is amazingly hectic. My scalp hurts when I sleep on one side. Washing it with shampoo takes a lot of time. And worst of all, I had to bear with the outburst of human emotion from my friends. Some just couldn’t stop insulting it and some just couldn’t stop praising it.

I had to attend MASSOC’s new sub committee members meeting today so that i could brief the new web page team. This year, we have more people joining than last year. This year we have 12 members (!!) compared to last year of only 4 members. However, when I asked someone to volunteer to take the post of team leader, no one dared to take the position. It was very hard for me to explain things because there are nothing much to say to all the members. I have to pass the important information to the leader and brief him all the things he needs to do. I was really frustrated that no one was bold enough to take up the post and in the end I selected Ben Tze as the new web team chief due to the fact that he once tried to run for the President post and he seems capable of doing something. I gave him a short but strict guideline to follow namely that to make sure that all the committee members are involved in the web page and tear down the new web page.

I was wearing my beanie throughout the meeting. I showed it to my other friends and they were shocked and subsequently I had to wear it throughout the whole day.

Frederick’s suggestion on a new photography team is finally realized. However, there was only one person who joined the team.

Frederick made a long speech to the new editorial team. He asked one by one about their past experience and briefed everybody about the job. Once again, no one volunteered for the post of Editor in Chief, Frederick had to select one. He seems to be urging this attractive girl named Su Anne to be the Editor in Chief and in the end she finally agreed. No doubt that good looks helps a lot.

I wanted to study today and even brought my heavy Intellectual Property textbook to the Union. Unfortunately, by the time the meeting finishes, it was already 5pm. The library is already closed due to the Firefighters strike tomorrow. The talks between the Firefighters and the government went well at the beginning and their intended strikes were called off. However, early this week, the talks were called off because the government refused to increase their wages by 40% but instead they offered 11%. Many other things are closing early tomorrow. Hopefully, I wouldn’t affect anyone of us seriously.

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  1. hehehe screw them and screw ppls like me ;pat least u got the balls to do it. i mean, i almost had no ding dongs to cut my hair short! and now look at you..respect la! <3

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