jason midro tonighT!

Jason Midro @ Voyeur, Bangsar Bar Med, Hartamas, 1AM tonight! Spread the news!

Jason Midro @ Bar Med!
Jason Midro was supposed to spin at Sydney today but instead, he was in Bar Med, Hartamas doing a free 2 hours set for fun. Bar Med used to be packed with yuppies when it first opened but now, it’s filled with Ah Bengs and Ah Lians (if you have no idea who they are, too bad cause you are one of them). Since it’s a Saturday night, the club was fucking pack pack pack. Despite that, it didn’t hamper our support for Jason Midro. We braved through the sea of Ah Beng and Ah Lians, shoving and pushing them away just to listen to Jason Midro’s superb High-Energy Trance set!

His set lasted about 2 hours. It was fantastic but he was better during Reinforced! Shuffling was tough as people kept on walking and moving around our shuffling spot. The sad thing is, majority of the crowd had no idea who Jason Midro is. For your information, he’s a resident DJ in Bass Station, Melbourne, Australia!

By the end of the night, we were happy with his performance. We left immediately after the resident DJ took over cause the fellow started playing some fengtau music. And once again, since the club is packed with Ah Beng, there was a fight right after Jason Midro’s set. I wonder if Jason Midro’s music makes Ah Bengs violent.

P/S Somebody groped Gavin’s cock while dancing. HAHAHHAHA

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  1. Okaaay man..Cheng Leong that statement you want to BANG a MALE GUY is seriously GAY.Shit…mahai could it be you? Fucker you made it look like another person walking pass me…fucker

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