Jazz festival @ Mount Kiara

Mount Kiara is having a Jazz festival. It will only held every Friday and Saturday until 10th August. Melody and I met up with Cris, Melvin, Leonard, Jolyne and Becky at Mt. Kiara. The venue, located on an open space in the middle of Mt. Kiara plaza, was filled with tables and chairs and some Carl’s reserve booth on the side (The event is organised by Carl’s reserve). There is also a small dance floor located infront of the stage. Even though alcohol is served to almost everybody, the dance floor was virtually empty! However, towards the end of the show, people started to head for the dance floor. Cris, the hyperactive bear and Leonard joined the fun. The show ended at 12am, we decided to have a drink at Spicy Kitchen. It seems that lately Spicy Kitchen has been staffed with muscular and handsome but gay Bangladeshi men. Cris had his little gay conversation with one of them.
“wah, tummy so big! How many months?” said the sexy Bangladeshi while pointing at Cris’s tummy.
“2 years already! hey what’s your name, I’ll name him after you!” said Cris.
“ssssh, not so loud! Don’t let people know I made you pregnant!”
*Huge outburst of laughter*
It seems that Diana hates me now. I’ve been forcing loads of pills into her throat lately. It’s getting worst today. Usually, she will submit to my forceful grasps on her jaw but today she refused to let me touch her at all. Furthermore, she will puke out every time i shove the medicines into her throat. I guess i’ll have to give her the medicine in liquid form tomorrow.