Kota Kinabalu: First Day

One of the things I hate about travelling is the waking up part. I barely had an hour sleep after returning from Mr and Mrs Timothy Tan’s open house. I woke up at 5am and left the house at 6am to catch my 750am flight via Air Asia.
Unfortunately, my bus from KL Sentral to LCC left at 620am and arrived at 720am thus barring us taking our flight. We were then directed to another counter which I think serves people who are late for their flight.
We had to fork out an additional RM300 for a later flight. It seems that the pilot had barred us from entering the flight despite the fact that there were more than 20 minutes before take off.
While waiting for a turn, a family of 6 went berserk after being denied entry to their flight. I guess they were late for their flight too. One of the family members, a middle aged lady, was so angry that she started screaming, “PUKIMAKKK!!! APA LU PUNYA NAMA AAAHH??? BAGI SAYA LU PUNYA NAMA!! SAYA MAU POT SAMA LUU!!! CILAKAK PUNYA ORANGGG!!!”.
Apparently the officer who refused entry to the family of 6 refused to give his name to them. Security was called in and the family of 6 were escorted away. I overheard that they will be brought to the police station for verbal abuse. LOL
After a 2 hours journey, we arrived at Kota Kinabalu Airport. First destination, lunch!!!
To be continue..

2 thoughts on “Kota Kinabalu: First Day”

  1. u should have gone e nite b4 or early mrng 2 avoid any problems. rm300 is sucking blood!
    i remembered many years back when airasia was not born yet that i rushed to subang international airport 2 board a mas flight frm kl-penang. i reached e airport 30mins b4 flight departure. luckily i had no luggage with me. but the ground staffs still reluctant 2 let me board e plane. i told me tis is e 1st time i board a plane, give her a veli innocent look. trying 2 take my chances. after pleading, bowing n sweettalk her (ok, too exaggerated), she called in the boarding room n they let me thru. she said gate 38, run now!
    i ran like shit, bypassing even e luggage scanning. they actually allow me 2 go thru in such emergency circumstances without scanning!! i reached e boarding room, e whole plane waited 4 me, when i entered e plane, everyone look at the VVIP who was e last 2 board e plane.

  2. DH: it’s actually for 2 person. keke so around rm150 per person. not my first time missing a plane though. when i was in manchester airport, i arrived early but the lady wanted to charge me for overweight. i went to one corner to dispose off some stuff. when i came back, the lady told me that she closed the gate and no one is allowed to board anymore!!

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