Kota Kinabalu – Pre KK

My flight to KK was a short but eventful journey.

I got my bro in law, who drives a taxi on a part time basis, to send us to Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT). It’s great t have someone you know to send you to the airport, especially when you know you can easily retrieve valuables you left in the taxi. If you need a taxi to the airport, call or text 0192252575 for Alex. Tell him Boy recommended.

The LCCT has changed a lot. It has expanded. Domestic flight and international flight check in counters are separated. It’s no longer the pasar malam I once knew.

Unlike my usual flights with Air Asia, we were given a seat number. It was no 31. We tried changing our seats but the chap at the counter was too lazy to do so.

After checking in, I dropped by the toilet. The toilet is on par with KLIA’s toilet. Nothing unusual about the toilet except one topless guy washing his armpits by the basin :()

Live fishes @ Bali Airport

We had dinner at Old Town Coffeeshop in LCCT. The waiter forgot to key in our order. No free food this round though.

When we got on our plane, we discovered that our seats were the last seats on the plane. We couldn’t recline our seats. I couldn’t sleep at all!

Our flight took around 3 hours. Imagine sitting down straight for 3 hours. I tried to sleep but a lady in front of me kept talking.

But I’m quite to used to traveling in an uncomfortable manner. If you’ve read my older travel entries, you’ll probably read some of my minor calamities, most recent being the 8 hours grueling boat ride to Pulau Tioman.

Boat ride to Tioman

But bahger why all these things happen to me oneeeeee!!11

I felt so relieved when we arrive in KK. My luggage bag came out shortly. It came out with a hole on the side, a missing tag and a broken zip. O_o

Bahger why all these things happen to me oneeeeee!!1

ps: went to check out new luggage bags at 1 Borneo. Bloody Samsonite luggage bag costs rm3000. Wtfff not made of gold also!

Bought a rm279 cabin sized luggage bag which came with a free larger luggage bag! Value maximum!

pps: Went to Giant and found out that luggage bags are around rm50. -__- tunasing!!

5 thoughts on “Kota Kinabalu – Pre KK”

  1. ahahaha doesn’t that happen all the time? Last time when i was in Singapore I bought a cd bag for SG$20 and came back to m’sia and saw the same thing for RM18 tiuuu!!!

  2. broken zip huh.. kena sabo ah?? But i think its pretty normal at lcct.

    there was once i came back from jkt and 3 ppls back got broken into.

    One was mine, the other was my collegue and the other belongs to another girl.

    sad case!

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