lawyers are liars

Lawyers are liars…

Do you agree? Please comment!

If you agree, please state the reason why.

If you disagree, please rebut this assumption.

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38 thoughts on “lawyers are liars”

  1. liars… they can go against their conscience to defend killers, rapers, u name it… i wonder sometimes it’ll be good to be a prosecutor…The Commonwealth vs Blah blah blah…*too much courtroom tv series*

  2. well i’d consider those previous statements to be rather ill-informed and uneducated ones. it’s not that simple. like everything else besides racist jokes, u cannot generalise anything, espacially views about a profession, and instances where the general view from the public does bear some truth, it is in no way by a vast majority, as in there’s not nearly enough crooked lawyers to make it a general view that all lawyers will go to hell for their unforgivable sins.

  3. hell i’ve seen crooked doctors too. both of my parents are doctors and maybe some time u guys should hear about the horror stories of medical malpractice. and what about engineers? do u think engineers are all goody 2 shoes? ckeck out malaysian civil engineers who work for the govt on public projects. i wonder how much money they have in their accounts which is unaccounted for. and what about insurance salesman? mechanics? businessman? hell i can go on naming profession after profession and u’ll realise that nothing’s perfect, it’s just that lawyers seem to get the most of criticism, which is a result of an insufficiently educated society.

  4. Lawyers are not liars okay. They’re technically doing their jobs to protect their clients. It is part and parcel of the ethics of legal profession that every law enforcers have to abide by.

  5. u think lawyers are liers in criminal cases because u think it only involves completely getting him off the hook. there are instances when we are just pleading for a lighter sentence as the defendant might not be wholly responsible for the crime. you’ve not , or i assume u’ve not been involved in a crime before, so u do not know what circumstances that might put u in an unwanted situation, and u might not actually be guilty, or others might be partially responsible. so we ensure that one person does not be responsible for the actions of others, and that even if he is responsible, it might not be his intention or fault.

  6. Lawyers protect the interests of their clients and themselves of course. If you look at breakdown of claims and how much each seperate claim costs, you will understand why the perception that lawyers are scum is often true. That being said, often there are lawyers who have a great deal of conscience, and these are the people who work for non-profit organisations such as Greenpeace.

  7. In my opinion, lawyers are merely professional doing their job. In this case, is protecting the welfare and the rights of their client which is innocent until proven guilty irregardless of what the general public think. Isn’t that the reason every suspect is brought to trial where they can be judged and sentenced fairly? The general public have nothing but bits and pieces of information which is insufficient to conclude a case, any case for that fact. So therfore I should agree when it’s said that because of the insufficient of education as well as the lack of the insides of how a lawyer works that causes other people to misjudge this profession. Bottomline is that “A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing”.

  8. go lawyers go go go!! hahahalawyers are liars: this sentence makes my blood boils..but here i shall not flame any person who agrees with that statement..i shall leave that to my fellow lawyers to bang 9 u fuckers…hahahpb: legal system in malaysia? err..based on commonwealth law ;D Connarius: I dont not agree with the part where u said lawyers tend to overcharge their clients. Lawyers in Malaysia are regulated by the Legal Profession (Practice & Etiquette) Rules 1978. Under the rules, it sets out the rules for cost of legal service. For sales and purchase agreement, lawyers are only entitled 10% of the sales and no more than that. If the lawyer overcharges his client, obviously he will lose his client (and the fact that the market in malaysia is competitive, lawyers have a hard time retaining their clients) or client could complain to the bar council. bar council could suspend the lawyer or impose a fine. πŸ˜€ gguni: well said! come on..anti that all you can do??? you guys suckkkkkk… hehehe

  9. Ohh, i didn’t mean that lawyers overcharge clients. i said that when the lawyer works on behalf of the claimant, some lawyers tend to work more for themselves. More money u can squeeze from the defendant, the more money he will get, that is if its based on %.

  10. woww… very sensitive topic man.. i better not say anything stupid. if not sometin happen to me in m’sia, these lawyers in here get me heavier sentence instead of helping me. give me life-sentence for 10 unpaid tickets. hahah. anyway, i DID want to be a lawyer when i was a kid. God knows why. Thank God i didnt also, if not will be mixin too much with ChengHai. and that’s always bad in any case. (become gay too!!) ahh… and Lawyers in the US here get 30% of the winnings i think. not too sure, but a friend of mine is in a lawsuit against his landlord for almost killing him because the building was unsafe. he almost died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. i think that was it. from the heater and stuff i think. not too sure. scary shit… one day u just wake up in the hospital not knowing wat has happened. but well, the Law is basically how u twist and turn everything to make it either right or wrong isnt it? i mean in a nutshell. doesnt that explain it? heehee… im just going to rot in jail if i get prosecuted now rite? hahah…

  11. Oh man, xes, why did you purposely bring this topic up ? Man, this will make ur server jam like cock then breakdown. rofl.Social interation is a waste of precious time except when concerning transfer of information. All individuals who merely “talk” are causing inefficiency. Such individuals will become obsolete. So I hope ppl will quit the subject. I’m trying not to tarnish whatever this thread is going to come up with. Dont you think it is just going to be too demotivating if the results turn out to be anti-lawyer set out ? 0.o If we bang 9 your friends, then we have no more friends to come to look for lawyers next time.

  12. fred why r u so scared? we are civilised ppl and u should have the confidence that we will be able to hold an open discussion disregarding other differences we might have, and not make personal remakrs about ppl. even if we do this website is already flooded with accusations of homosexuality, so i don’t think any of that in this thread will make a difference. and about the comment on lawyers work more for themselves, well i can’t speak for all lawyers that that is untrue cause there are crooked lawyers out there, but lawyers aren’t an exceptional group of ppl who do that. the ultimate profession which does that is mechanics. i’ve had the fortunate opportunity of working with lawyers who are totally honest and work for the interest of their clients too.

  13. haha! i’m glad you brought this up, leong! i’m so god-damned sick of ppl generalising this way ;oPfirstly, there can be no supply without the demand. from what i see, most clients in civil cases WANT their lawyers to lie to cover up their own stupidity. they screw up and get sued. tough. and then they go to the lawyers and ask if there is any way to save their ass. lawyers dont lie for the kick of it man. they are under a duty to act in the best interests of their clients.and for criminal matters, i totally agree with gguni. what ever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”. how can someone have a fair hearing if everyone has already decided that he is a murderer, thief etc…btw, legal fees are extraordinarily cheap in msia because there are so many law firms and the competition is really tough.and i’d love to point out that when dealing with a crooked lawyer, all you will lose is money. but when dealing with a crooked doctor, you could lose your life. there are so many crooked ppl in the world man. quit picking on lawyers!;oPpPpPpP

  14. gizzy: shut tEh fuck up turtle fucker hahahahahornyfai: after what we all have said..u still say lawyers are liars ah..mahai next time u bang people on the street, dont look for lawyer okay? represent yourself in court la hahawell said jiahui!

  15. Lawyers are not liars! There’s nothing wrong with messing with the loopholes of the law. This leads you to the question, who made the law? What was the reason such laws were made? Political influences, public pressure, etc. etc.All in all, they are human.I totally agree with what chuoming stated.

  16. YES YES. They are! i dunno why. but my best friend who is studying law says so. He wants to be the biggest liar of them all. Then again, maybe he’s lying to me.

  17. same here… not that i wanted to make the law profession look bad but … a senior uni mate of mine who reads Law in UM admits that as well…like all other professions… each has its own dark sides…

  18. If lawyer are liars, policeman are crooked, politicians are never honest, doctors are cheeky, mechanics are misers and not to mention COMPUTER SALESMAN !!! Especially those in computer shops in Low Yat and Imbi trying to push u outdated components @ out of this world prices. Chucking u wif technical jargons, trying to sound all high tech, to sell u something that was obsolete 2 days ago.Basket, u think i was born 3 days ago is it? Alwiz looking for water fish to slaughter !P.S. I’m not against any computer sales man, merely stating the fact that some rotten apples in the basket are spoiling other apples. Juz like any other profession. Not everyone in it are bad.

  19. opps I did it again…….there seems to be a typo…..was trying to say that If lawyer are liars, THEN policeman are crooked, politicians are never honest, doctors are cheeky, mechanics are misers and LAST BUT NOT LEAST, COMPUTER SALESMAN !!! ………………………………………

  20. Chuo Ming. I’m not picking a fight or debate with this non lawyers v. lawyers, neither I will state what I think because like I mentioned RL to you before, every people have their own thinking and own personality and they can percieve a subject in many many ways, and in this case, on the subject aforesaid, it makes no exception. I’m not interested to know whether they are liars or not, but what I’m interested with when working with a lawyer, that is to produce the fuckin result I want since I paid to work his ass I want to. A fiduciary duty.You might want to discuss of human nature right at this point. I withdraw.Now everyone is guided by laws, and I do admit the word “crook” exist because it is an adjective to describe some person and in this sense, you can put any ah kow or ah beng to suit your own means, and as you wish, and some people may not agree with it, and then the cycle starts again. So whats the point ? I won’t be satisfied by “a general truth” that is being re-defined by how many people supports, and how many will deny the statement. What? A poll issit ?As of the word ‘liar’ being defined right at this point ? Who knows ? That is why, I don’t judge. I have a standing that is subjective towards the facts. I will abstain myself from generalizing the issue in this sense. That is principle.Lawyers who defended lawyers, what did you guys learn in Jurisprudence anyways. The morale is not to generalize. Don’t make lawyers sound like a no0b. We are paid to talk, but not like this.

  21. fred u r talking crap again. and we r not generalising, it is the ppl who are accusing us of being lawyers who r generalising. and a lawyer’s duty to their client is not called a fiduciary duty, it’s called a professional duty.

  22. Is it me or is the debate gettin a little heated in here…….*fanns myself*Someone better turn the heat down and the air-conditioning up. It’s juz a discussion.Relax……………..Woo Sha………..

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