lemon cheesecake flavour kit kat

found this in Giant hypermarket the other day at 1 Utama.
somehow the plain looking box made me think it was a rip off.


more plain wrapping inside.
looking like the white kit kat….
is that cheesecake inside? don’t have also!
they should just put there “lemon flavour kit kat”.
but IT’S NICE!! that lil hint of tangy lemony taste….
and/but the white choc is creamy and rather sweet, almost diabetically sweet. ;P *drooOoOooOoOOOolssssss*
if you like the white one, you may like this one! 😉
i bought it for RM2.88. pretty steep, huh? can buy a kinder bueno instead. ;P
note to honfaai: now you cannot complain, go and buy it!!! ;P
flying to another country for a unique flavour kit kat is not necessary! ;pPp
p.s. sorry for the crappy photography again. ;PpppPpPppPp
p.p.s is pink colour font too ‘sakit mata’ (eye pain ;P) ah? cos i like!!!!

4 thoughts on “lemon cheesecake flavour kit kat”

  1. the packaging looks like an insect repellent for cockroaches or something. doesnt look that yummy to me…

  2. pokia: ya ler, but i think it came right after the dark choc limited edition thingy.
    honfaai: dunno la. there put there limited edition, i also follow and declare that it is la. ;PpPPpppP

  3. louyau: can send to you, but i don’t have your address. i don’t even have time to go to the post office! hehehe. i have one box to give away actually.
    xes: forgot to tell you, actually i have THREE peanut butter kit kat left, not 2. hehehe. still have 3 in my fridge. muahahaha~

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