Love Story @ the Magistrate Court..

For the past 2 weeks, I notice this pretty Chinese girl in the Criminal court that I always go to.
She’s hot. Beautiful eyes, fair skin and a body that all men will die for. But the problem with her is that, whenever I see her, she’s in handcuffs.
She’s charged with a drug offence and is facing long imprisonment if convicted.
I spoke to her once. I was about to offer legal help (I thought she was on our list of person to be given legal aid). I asked her name and when she replied…I immediately back off and ran to my colleague. It was because she said…
Abang…Tolong saya abangg…” (Mr…help me..Mr~) in a MANLY voice….arghh!!!
abang = Malay word for big brother. Also used by wifes to their husbands.
Nah, just kidding. She didn’t sound like a man, it’s just that she spoke in China Mandarin which is just too hard for me to understand.
Of course, for every beautiful lady, there are men behind them. Her boyfriend was seated at the public gallery. He religiously attends all her proceedings. He has also appointed a lawyer for her.
Every time I see them, they would try to communicate either by hand signals or by whispering. However most of the time, they got told off by the policemen.
Then when the girl leaves, the guy would shout, “Take care of yourself!!”.
Then today, the boyfriend brought the brother of girl. He came all the way from China.
I went up to the boyfriend to have a short chat with him.
Me: So how’s your girlfriend?
BF: Well, we’re trying to get the prosecuting officer (PO) to drop the charges.
And we went on for a while. I wished him best of luck.
Then good news came! The PO decided to drop the charges and hence the lady is free to go. There were no claps or cheers when the decision was made though but it does make me feel relieved.
Unfortunately, despite that, due to our strict immigration law, since the lady’s Visa has expired, she cannot stay in Malaysia and must be deported immediately.
A love story yet to be concluded.

7 thoughts on “Love Story @ the Magistrate Court..”

  1. “…(I thought she was on our list of person to be given legal aid)…” -yeahyeah, we beleive u Xes!!!

  2. Hey I really believed you when I read the “Abang, tolong!” part! I was shocked and thinking: “Wasaiii, another beautiful man??” 😛

  3. ahahahaha shit.. i stopped for a while when I read the “Abang” part.. and tot u damn kesian sial :X hahaahahahahha shit man :X i had that image in my mind okay.. eek

  4. frank: mmmm draw ah..maybe.. u know those US cases which has drawings of judges, lawyers, accuses etc? prolly we can do it here as well
    dave: duh. we have a list of ppl tht we need to approach before court.
    Applegal: kekeek inspired by your ahkua email hehe
    gguni: hehehehe actually i asked the guy to marry the girl to get her a PR..he said OKAY!
    killuminati: hehe i didnt get his card that time. i’ll get one from him if i see him again!
    penispup: imagine of ahkuas? hehe

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