lovely day, lotrs and last day in sheffield!

It was a lovely day today. The sky was clear blue and the sun was shining brightly on a frosty winter day. The puddles on the streets were frozen and little joy I get from breaking them made the day lovelier.

I took the opportunity to walk around Weston Park. The lake was half frozen and the ducks were surrounding a man feeding them. And of course, I wouldn’t let this fine day end without taking photos of it.

The day was even lovelier on the evening. The orangey red sunset reminds me of sunset in Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia. Moreover, the moon was visible, and it was a full moon. What a weird combination!

Despite the lovely day, I did pretty badly for my Japanese oral and listening test. I slurred and got all my tenses wrong on my oral test. On the other hand, the listening test was not that bad but it surely spoiled my chances of getting good marks. We had to listen to a Japanese conversation and then write down the important points of it. However, I’m quite bad with Japanese dates and time, and unfortunately, half of the paper is based on timing. Bloody hell.

My housemates and I went to the Lord of the Ring premier after the Japanese language test. We were late as usual and missed the front part of the movie (everyone of us were slugging at home taking our own sweet time). The movie was not bad but couple of things seems so stupid. Another thing is that, Elijah Wood (the person who plays Fredo), gets paid millions of dollar in this movie. But all he does in the movie is act stoned and afraid!

I’m not sleeping tonight. I’m going to stay awake throughout the night and sleep in the plane. The journey will take 15 hours, which includes 2 hours of transit time, one in Mumbai (formally known as Bombay) and Singapore. See you guys in Kuala Lumpur!

Surfer's Paradise sunsetSurfer's Paradise sunset II
Surfer’s paradise, August 2002

Bombay AirportBombay airport drinking source
Bombay International airport. The pipes were the only free drinking source. The cafe charged me 2 pounds for a can of coke. And the water pipes smelled like a clinic.


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