Malaysian Food Part III

Here we go again!!

Seafood Pork Noodles @ OUG

Jelly + Blended Ice @ Ming Tien, Taman Mayang

Wu Tau Kou @ Restaurant Ah Loy, OUG

Tom Yam @ Summit Shopping Centre

Mixture for Tom Yam @ Summit Shopping Centre

19 thoughts on “Malaysian Food Part III”

  1. that seafood pork noodle … sure or not …
    how can u mix seafood and pork together … NOOOO
    looks like a lot of pork in the soup la …
    hmmm they did’nt even stir the keow teow for you .. diy?

  2. anyone interested with the seafood pork can just give me a call, because it’s damn near to my house….anyway it’s only for morning and afternoon don’t think of eating it during evening…

  3. Amos: it seems that they have another shop which open at night. its just next to the Ah Loy Assam laksa shop, which is just next to BP
    dogma: hehehehe seafood + pork la hehe
    Mary: oooo im sorry!! hehe
    eraine: burp
    earl-ku: yeah diy. they have pork + prawns + clams (lala) + cuttlefish (sotong)
    Darren: come to Old Klang road la. i bring u there
    loonatik: i just went there to take pictures. ill post it up soon 😀

  4. earl: just try before you make any comments! Really damn good food….rating out of 10 i give them 10….and the ikan bakar behind my house was rated by Juice magazine on June issue rating 10 out of 10!

  5. Hm… i find the seafood pork so so only. The place is at the OUG pasar malan square right? …near Steven’s corner? … usually eat the soup one.. maybe ‘kuan loh’ taste better

  6. yaya sexx0r, i was thinkin for those food (within klang valley region) which u’d be introducing, boleh sexx0r draw map oso? hahahha 😛 no point seeing pic, but dont know how to go right? buat suffer only.. can see canot touch (

  7. Amos: the owner of the ikan bakar stall at Hup Kee Restaurant had left for greener pastures. he’s now overlooking his dad’s huge orchard and his stall is no longer sitting there. it’s gone.

  8. teckie: yeah tahts the one! mmmm you have to go there on the right time la. if u go there early, its kinda crappy cause the soup doesnt have enough taste. but if u go late afternoon, it will taste better 😀 oh dry version is much ebtter than the soup one. i hate teh soup one
    Amos: ooo i know where is it.
    honfaai: mmmm which restaurant u want ler? ill draw a map for u heheh
    love_you: sob sob.. no more ikan bakar.

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