Malaysian Songs – Part II

Remember the song that I was asking about? The song that went

I don’t want much, I just want everything, I thought I could do everythingggg!!!

It seems that I wasn’t the only one curious about the person(s) who sang this song. It was even featured on the front page of the Star newspaper titled “Song causes a buzz..”

KUALA LUMPUR: Two days ago, media companies received an intriguing package containing a CD with a song entitled Through My Window, a website URL and a cryptic message “open for collaborations”.

The catchy song was heard on major radio stations yesterday and DJs began talking about it. Almost everyone wanted to know more about the song and the singers behind it.

As expected, the wave hit microblogging service Twitter. ‘Twitterville’ is abuzz with DJs tweeting about the song and followers re-tweeting, discussing and adding their comments. The tweets range from what they felt about the song to what might be.

More @

If you haven’t heard the song “Through My Window”, you can listen to it or download it from

Well, now I finally got to know that the song was sang by local band Bunkface!

Bunkface is a band consisting of 4 young chaps which had started from scratch. They played in high school proms, charity events, dinner galas and winning some competitions before making it big and winning a few competitions. I think one of the well known songs is the song Situasi.

You can listen to more of their songs @

If you like the song “Through my window”, be a fan and join and !

2 thoughts on “Malaysian Songs – Part II”

  1. there is this band called edge of fire too. but i can’t find much news about them. i guess they are only a one hit wonder with their song “whole again”. they won’t some battle of the band contest last time when they were college boys.

    it seems that reality will hit you if you are a musician in the local scene.

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