Mana Pool?

For those who had played Warcraft 3, this water fountain looked like mana pool in Warcraft2. =)

14 thoughts on “Mana Pool?”

  1. haha..before reading yr post’s details, i was wondering”mana pool? where pool??but it’s right there…??”…hehe..

  2. lazy? what la. for the benefit for us non warcraft player la. otherwise this would be a The Damn Wall Speaks type of post la hahahahaha

  3. that pool is either pool of health or pool of mana in warcraft3 where ppl no health or no mana already stand next to the pool to regenerate, as simple as that. sohai don even know if wc3 or wc2

  4. mana pool is slayer got raped by night stalker..
    her panties broke.. and nightstalker’s sperm was all over her leg.. so she went to the pool..
    but 1 thing she didn’t know.. the pool was full with xes’s sperm ! lol ! so she bathed in the bath.. so refreshing !

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