Massage by the Blind

Tried out this place at Damansara Utama for a cheap massage. A friend once told me that being massaged by the blind is very good, they can actually relax your knots and nerves!
They charge RM35 for an hour, for the body massage.

They also do foot reflexology.

We were brought to a room with a curtain to separate the space, if there is a boy and girl in the room. A boy or man will massage a male customer and a female customer will be attended by a girl or lady.
We were only given a towel to cover our bits, although we had our underwear on. The towel was just too thin and I felt exposed when the girl pulled down the towel to massage my feet, revealing my top. Gasp!
She continued massaging my legs, leaving my top exposed, but I didn’t dare to say anything!
It was just too uncomfortable for me. Sniff. It was a bit chilly, anyway. And I don’t like lying down exposing my top, too!
Overall, it was ok, I guess, for a cheap massage. I wished my lower back had been massaged much more properly though. But I can’t complain, as I’m sure they are not professionally trained.

14 thoughts on “Massage by the Blind”

  1. a friend told me this story. one day, he went for a massage by the blind, together with his colleagues. The other colleagues visit the place occasionally. And so, one of them upon seeing one of the massager, said ‘Hey, long time no see!’
    Hope you get the joke.

  2. rych: yes, they are, partially, i think. they have to touch and feel around to guide themselves around leh.
    kenneth: ehehehe……. is it too mean to laugh? ;P so baaaaaaad
    dogma: hahaha imagine them getting free massages! thanks to the malay language, translations never sound right. u can’t expect them to say “orang buta punya pusat urut”, can u? ;D

  3. no man is going to massage me. bimbobum i can cover my eyes pretend to be blind and massage you also, free of charge

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