Melbourne 26

It’s been a long day. Melody didn’t sleep a wink but I dozed off at 4am (Melody was doing her assignment). She finally finished it at 3pm. I woke up at 2:30PM, cooked lunch and headed to Melbourne Uni to hand up the assignment.

We bumped into Ben while we’re on the way to the city after handing up the assignment. Ben is going to Irene’s party tonight but Melody and I decided not to.

We walked around the city and Melody did some shopping. As the sun is about to set, we headed to Flinders St. Station and Yarra River to take some photos. Hopefully they’ll turn out well.
We had dinner at Greco’s in Crown. It was good but we had to rush a little bit cause we’re watching a movie in an hour time.

The Sums Of All Fears was good, really really good! However, I felt uncomfortable throughout the movie. There was this old lady who kept on coughing and coughing, irritating, and worst of all, she smelled bad. I couldn’t stand it!

After the movie, we had cake and coffee at Greco’s again. The waitress who served us the previous time was surprised to see us again. Greco’s food and drinks (especially their café latte!) are good but sometimes it’s horrible. We had chocolate cheesecake which was really really good! But my Irish coffee was horrible. It was alcoholic and very bitter. To add salt to wound, it cost a bomb! Last week, the day where I spilled by coffee in Greco’s and was given a free cake and drinks in return, I had the most horrible tiramisu. It was soggy. It was as if it has been dipped into bucket of water.
11:22PMIt’s 3am and Melody and I are still awake. Dont think Melody will be sleeping tonight.