Melbourne Shuffle @ Merlion, Singapore.

Latest video from Hayden, the travelling Shuffler. Now @ Singapore!

Melbourne Shuffle @ Merlion, Singapore.


Salem Revelation @ First World Hotel Carpark, Genting – Sat 31 July

8pm. RM35 inc. 2 drinks. (!!!)

Split into two stages, the Revive and Rediscover Zones, keep things far from monotonous. At the Revive Zone, Ben Katana, Bryan Burger and Goldfish complete a triumvate arsenal of twisted techno, electro, hip hop, funk and trash.

Si Begg calls nu school breaks in session, while Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson ring out the Detroit techno sound. Johan Gielen uncaps the glowsticks and turns on the trance in the am. At the Rediscover Zone, Fono and Blink trade dark proggy house and dirty progressive breaks.

FC Kahuna follows with acid house and silicon soul. Then its tribal stalwarts Peace Division taking up the rear leaving Gabriel and percussionist Steve Thornton to take you on builds, twists and long dancefloor moments. One to remember on the long ride home.

For info, call the Salem Revelation hotline at 7665 2260/1 or 017-6900 281 (KL), or 017-6900 294 (JB/Kuantan/Melaka/Ipoh/Penang).

Oh yeah, the winners of The Melbourne Shuffle competition @ Hard Kandy will be performing there as well! 😀

3 thoughts on “Melbourne Shuffle @ Merlion, Singapore.”

  1. “Hayden, the travelling Shuffler.”..Hehehe… i like that 🙂 I will try to do some more soon. As for the Genting Party – looks great! anyone have a URL for more info or flyers? *Hayden goes into work mode*:-)

  2. Hayden: no flyers yet! they didnt even say anything about melb shuffle performancesow: so going ya??? 😀

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