Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 1

I’ve just arrived Melbourne. I thought it was damn cold at first, but then it seems more like Cameron Highlands here, abit colder i guess. The first picture i took was in Melbourne’s airport toilet. I took this picture of a yellow box where you can dispose used stringes,cool

The flight was extremely pleasant, sheshh, 6 hours flight, my head was aching, damn. while i was travelling back home, i saw this toll plaza damn cekap, it’s just a large bar across the road. All you need to do is just drive throught it, then it credits into your fare (that’s what happen to my taxi) it’s 6am in the morning and i cant sleep, sheshh…gottaa get use to the weather here first.

Woke up at 2 pm today, ate toasted cheese bread and watched Shrek. Then at 4pm, I walked around the city, went to off yah tree, bought 2 pipes and a bong. The pipe costs about $20 while the bong costs about $30. I went to Crown hotel, pretty nice place. A casino and some branded shopping stores, good thing was, they haf an arcade. ah, not many activities today, ciao

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