Men’s Underwear

Would you prefer the olden days, when the men didn’t have boxers, briefs or thongs?


Which one do you think frank and xes would look good in?
Hmmmmmm we need to check out what they have first, though!

17 thoughts on “Men’s Underwear”

  1. this is such an insult. did you know the first picture is of a religious thing? its the undergarments of a mormom church go-er.

  2. oops, sorry! it’s not MEANT as an insult, just trying to emphasize on conservative underwear in the olden days. now lemme see if i can find a better picture to replace that.. hmmm.. frank, gimme your underwear for sample, pls!

  3. me likey boxers, girls go nuts when they see my one eyed snake grow like a lamp post 😛 weeeheeeee swing~~~ n its airy too

  4. Guys, Just don’t wear anything. Let it fly free and keep it natural. Let your sperm factory max their capacity by keeping them cool…..
    But careful not to accidentally circumcise yourself while zipping up…….

  5. bimbobum, since you already posted pictures of your breast, why not post pictures of the lower half too? with or without the panties is fine, just make sure it’s well shaved

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