mesmerized by mt :D

yay mt rocks.


i haven’t gotten used to it yet. let’s see what the lainey can do here.




underlineeeeeee~! fun!
almost orgasmic :oP

so here i am just about to bitch about some things. keep in mind that it is all directed to nobody in particular. just some random thoughts 😀

#1: i get really irritated whenever i ask a question, wanting to clarify something important & get STUPID replies. here’s a scenario:-

me: so tonight we meet at 9pm? that means i’ll come pick you up at about 8:30pm, right?

if i was really stupid, i wouldn’t be asking you only to get that sorta reply, okay? so just quit the whole bloody american ‘duh‘ thing because it pisses me off :oP

#2: here’s another scenario of ‘stupid replies’:-

me: you know what? i just found out that [let’s say for example] the world is SQUARE! *excited*
person: NOW only you know?!!?

yes, now only i know. it’s RUDE to exclaim in such manner. i think it’s rude anyway. other replies i hate = “so?” “too bad lah!”. or any other haughty replies, for that matter. urgghh…if i needed an autistic answer, i wouldn’t be asking a perfectly normal human being, thanks ar.

#3: as much as i’m a girl & as much as girls tend to do this, i still don’t like it when one says something yet obviously mean another. here’s a scenario:-

me: what’s wrong?
person: nothing.
me: are you sure?
person: yeap. everything’s fine! perfectly fine.
me: why do you sound like that?
person: like what?
me: *groans* like THAT [just SO tempted to POINT here].
person: nothing what. i’m fine!

look, if i know something’s wrong, then it’s obvious that i know you WELL ENOUGH to know. so don’t play lil games by saying ‘nothing‘ when there’s actually ‘something‘. be it serious or not. plus, the negative tone of voice doesn’t help either now, does it?

ignorance isn’t bliss.
sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

either know how to use it properly or don’t at all o.O

6 thoughts on “mesmerized by mt :D”

  1. *shriLL* The anger* The wrath*.. lainey strikes!Agree…but when u say so we are meeting at 9 tonight and i pick u up at 830…isn’t that like all wrong? Aren’t u gonna meet at 830? so i think that person who answer duh never thinks when replying…also ar….that nothing nothing thing i damn dun like la….girls la like to do liddat..purposely make us all curious and all… AehehHEe..not saying that u do that la..cos u complain but in general….

  2. eh…how come my final part missing.. recap..AehHEhhehe …ChiLL..Show Peace Sign…blasting ava Adore early in the CL ur time all wrong liao i think…

  3. yeah….. yeah…. i agree with you….there is another situation that i hate the most:* when one of your most outstanding classmate that score a better result than you…after he get to now your result, he will react like this :HEY YOU GET A GOOD RESULT! VELI HIGH MARKS HO…..

  4. karheng> phbt it’s just a hypothetical conversation larh doesn’t make sense one :oP and yes yes, we all don’t like the ‘nothing nothing’ thing 😀 kerhoong> boo :oP

  5. when ever i ask someone and he/she (mostly she) says nothing. I juz keep quiet and let it be. The 5 seconds later, she’ll say “ermmmm….” Then I’ll reply “what?” The she’ll say nothing and I’ll let it be. Normally, after a couple of subtle and very obvious hints, she’ll normally explode her thoughts.;D

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