Michie’s birthday

We (former Sheffield Uni classmates) celebrated Michie’s birthday with dinner at San Francisco Steak House, KLCC. This is the 5th consecutive year celebrating with her. However, this time without alcohol though. She has very low tolerance towards alcohol. Even Bailey’s Ice cream could get her drunk. Who can forget the “HOU YIT AHHH (It’s hot!)” incident (Sorry private joke!)
Gillian got her a great cake while Cynthia got an extra large card. I wanted to get her a cocktail (preferably Graveyard) but unfortunately, I had to rush for an appointment with my other friends. If only the cocktail plan had worked, Michie would have went.. HOU YIT AHHH (It’s hot!) and the proceed to…..ok i better stop now before she kills me!!

Well, the meet up didn’t happened. We were supposed to meet up at Alexis’s hence Sam and I headed down to the Alexis’s @ Bangsar.
I called ivN as soon as I reached there.
Me: hey where are you?
ivN: walk inside, we’re on the right!
Sam and I walked in. There was no ivN on the right, only the kitchen and the toilet. I called again…
Me: eh I don’t see you.
ivN: mmm, we’re on the right! Ok wait, Leonard will meet up with you @ the front door.
Sam and I waited… few minutes later Leonard called.
Leonard: eh where are you?
Me: In front of Alexis. Bangsar’s Alexis.
Leonard: ivan didn’t tell you Ampang’s Alexis?
Me: oh there’s one in Ampang? Ma chau hai….
Leonard: ma chau haii…..
We ended up watching football with Him and Umeng @ Hartamas Sq.

13 thoughts on “Michie’s birthday”

  1. ey? de birthday girl looks happiee worr haha it’s a cappucino flavour..*slurp* anyway, thanks for comin my *dear* uni-mates! 😉 still remember de first one with you aLL YEARS bACK! haha by de way chengleong, last year din come out for dinner…so this is de 4th time..we’re aLL getting *oLD*…kekekeke

  2. haha i tried this once .. i messed up the KotaRaya’s metro jaya with the Mid Valley one .. i was waiting for my friend in midvally but … that bugger was waiting in the metrojaya in KL hahahahaah

  3. Hey…i am missing the fun…well..at least there wasn’t any drinking session. Let’s get michie drunk when i go over…

  4. Saphriyn: cappucino flavour! it was damn good la. should have sapu the remaining ones
    Big Ass J: Of course we must. then we’ll have the HOU YIT AHH incident again.
    Frank: aiyo long island is a dangerous drink for her la. the last time she drank that she wanted to jump out from the car
    Dan: aiyak, i bet ur friend must be damn tulan ler hehe
    Gavin: michie’s tolerance is as bad as u elr kekeke
    Ivan: and then… she …. uses her hand…..ok ebtter stop here before she really kills me
    michie: last year no dinner meh?

  5. ei helo??!! what is this mann?? attacking me kau kau?? hahaha fiNE! i shall train myself on that before janet comes over! hahaha ;p

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