monash pre departure briefing

Yesterday, after lunch with Sui Lin @ Damansara McDonalds, we headed to Regent Hotel with Gavin to attend the Monash Pre Departure briefing. It’s basically a talk telling everyone what to expect and what to do in Australia.

There’s a Monash campus located next to a beach. God damn it, it’s damn cool. If I get to study there, I could literally throw my books and go for a swim everyday! But now, my god damn college is located on a dead end street, surrounded by printing shops. Everyday, we are subjected to hard thumping Indian and Bangra music…

We were given notepads, pencils and survey forms to fill up. Out of boredom, I filled my survey form with these answers

What is your main purpose of attending this briefing?
To check out the hot chicks!

Are you satisfied with the briefing and why?
No! No free food and not many hot chicks!

What else do you want to know from the briefing?
Whether or not drugs and weapons are easily accessible

Please fill up your details
Gayvin Tan (Tel: 016-XXXXXXXX)

I wanted to hand up the survey form but unfortunately, I couldn’t find the person who were supposed to collect the form 😀

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