More g4y men

Homosexuals seem to be the butt of the jokes all the time. For few hundred years, they have been subjected to torture, discrimination, humiliation and isolation.
But I somehow think that we heterosexuals are sour grapes. Gay men has better body than us. They have better sense of fashion than us. They speak better than us and they get more sex than us.
Hence, this leads to my sour grape post against them!
A colleague of mine related this story to me. It happened to his friend.
N is a shy boy from a small hometown in Malaysia. Despite being from a small town, he had the opportunity to further his studies in England. However, he seldom mixes around and usually hang out with his small group of friends. Then one day, he decided to change. He headed to the student union to meet up with some locals, talk to them and get to know some ‘guai lou’ friends so that he can show it off to his pals next time.
Then he met one ‘guai lou’
N: oh I’m from Malaysia!
Guailou: Hey I’ve been there! Great place!! I love it! I went to this club called Angogo in Kuala Lumpur.
N had never heard of the club but decides to be friendly. He replied,
“Oh that club! I’ve been there too! I love the place! I go there all the time”
After saying that, the guailou took N’s drink, drank it and put his hands on his hands on N’s thigh. He started talking to him in a flirty way. N got scared and started to run.
Unknown to him, Angogo is a gay club in Kuala Lumpur. He was soooo scared the whole night.
Then another story,
Another friend related this to me,
There’s a club in Penang called Soho, with many pretty girls.
But some how the pretty girls are men….

9 thoughts on “More g4y men”

  1. I hv a few homo frens. They are actually very comfortable to be with. In fact, sometimes they make you talk much more things to them than guys. 😉 What I really respect is some of them have very firm one to one relationship… much better than what we so call some ‘normal’ people that F****** around.

  2. i have a handful of gay friends and they r really nice to talk with, good listeners and very sociable. I have no problem with them. They r good in fashions and I often ask their opinions, better than my straight friends. And they know more girls 😉
    Gay people and hetero people are just people with different sexual selection in their life. Generally there shouldnt exist any ‘phobia’ feelings at all.

  3. gay men r nice ppl.. more understandin n better-dressed. sum 4 jz 2 good lookin 2 b true, n tht’s such a waste.
    i dun understand d stigma society plces on thm. 4 me, sexual-orientation is an individual choice.
    mayb straight guys jz harbour tis secret fear of gettin raped!

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