Muay thai and Jill Dando

Happy Birthday to Wai Keong and Kadet Yeap Soon Yean!

Muay Thai training again. I find that my stamina increased dramatically. I no longer feel like puking or fainting after a heavy exercise.

It’s Darren’s (our instructor) last day today and Christian will be teaching us next week. Darren suggested that, since it’s his last day, he’ll give us a farewell gift. He’d let us kick him and it’s 2 hard kicks each. About 20 of us, stood in a line and took turns to kick the side of his body but obviously, protected with a pad.

He shook our hands and said “See you on the other side” before he left.
11:35PMI watched Crime Stopper on television last night. It’s monthly show run by the police and also presented by police themselves. The title speaks for itself. It shows the details of unsolved crimes and pleads the public to help the police to identify the alleged wrongdoer. For example, it will show a reconstruction of an incident to illustrate it. The actors and actresses will dress exactly like the wrongdoer as given description by victims. Furthermore, huge rewards are usually offered to those who gave information that lead to the arrest of the wrongdoer. Sometimes the reward could amount to £10000.

Wen Dee told me that Jill Dando, a well-known presenter, used to host that show. She was so famous that she attracted a stalker and one tragic day, she was shot on the head in front of her house and died. Her colleagues took over her place and used Crime Stopper to get the public’s information about the killer. Subsequently, the stalker was caught, thanks to Crime Stopper.

The Dando Trial – BBC