My Niece..

This is my niece, Intan. We met @ my sister’s convocation.

During the convocation dinner…

Intan: I have a boyfriend already!
Me: How old are you?
Intan: 6 years old!
Me: O_O!! boyfriend?! But you’re only 6 years old!
Me: …………

22 thoughts on “My Niece..”

  1. hehe.. when my lil cousin was that age, she told me ‘sharon che che, let me tell you a secret, i had a sexy dream last nite… and then *censored*’ i was like :O no wonder they are banned from watching some of the channels on tv now by their mom hahahaha.. beat that!!

  2. Ben: yes…too fast..wait till you hear what my nephew said..till next post!
    frank: REFER TO this Q&A
    Q: Do you spell check and proof read your post before you post it? Because i saw a lot of grammar and vocabulary mistake on your entries.
    A: Comon la!!! This is a bloody blog la. No need so serious one right? As long as you understand what i am trying to tell you then it is fine.
    devlisha: what is censore?? iwant to know!!
    chuoming: mahai at least i’m not a cradle snatcher!!! HEHEHEEHHE

  3. xes: does cradle snatcher mean like one of mutual friend? I think chuo ming knows him too. This friend of ours, dated a girl who is barely 18…Is that a cradle snatcher? Anyway, cradle snatcher is not same as paedophile, right?

  4. so cute!
    err i mean, ur niece la hur hur…
    actually, if u dont tell ppl that’s ur niece, they will think it’s ur daughter! i can see the ‘biscuit mould’ there…hiaks

  5. My cousin sister is just 5 yrs of age….previously she told me this “Amos, i tell you a secret…i saw your kissing Kimberly in the car! Don’t tell anyone ok?”

  6. erkk..acting cute lah tuu..6 years old only mahh..
    stupid question: got eh chinese name “intan”? i dunno mahh…more of ignorant lah..hehehe 😛

  7. julz: hehe yeah
    kenstyle: yahor, if wouldnt know if u didnt mention.
    frank: WAHAHAHAHA yeah.. barely 18 man..just inish spm somemore..not even pokpokchui yet
    peggy: wahahaha i have to wait 20 years to see that keke
    dilirius: yes..the hamchimpeng runs in the family!!
    chzehong: nowadays!!
    wolfx: that badge thing is a wound i received from tripping over a sofa when i was a kid haha
    hazel: yor, dont want to know what else they did
    Darren: yeah la. girls nowadays tsk tsk
    amos: whois your kimberly? and kissing who? haha
    aida: my niece is half malay half chinese. hehe
    Applegal: kekek my nephew and nieces doesnt call me uncle. does you niece and nephew call you aunty? hehe

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