My second payment from Nuffnang

w00t! My 2nd cheque from Nuffnang!

When I received my first Nuffnang cheque, I used it as down payment for my mother’s car. This time round, I am also spending it on a new car. As most people would say, it is not wise to spend too much money on a car. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to replace my car as its getting too old. People will soon know me as the lawyer who drives the noisy worn down Satria.

The sum of RM7K is actually quite small compared to juggernaut lifestyle bloggers like Kennysia, Nicolekiss, Cheesie, fourfeetnine, ShaolinTiger, KY and so on. These bloggers probably have made 5 to 6 digits from their blogs. is a small blog compared to theirs.

For the benefit of blogger who haven’t made their 5 digits and also non bloggers, advertorials are the most lucrative source of income for bloggers. One advertorial could range from few hundreds to few thousands.

However, writing advertorials is no easy task. It involves a lot of creativity in a short span of time. Usually, we are given less than a week to write an advertorial.

Getting a brief to write advertorial is not an easy task. Most of the time it depends on your traffic and sometimes, your rapport with the blog advertising agency or media agency.

On another note, income made from blog is taxable. I dread the time to pay tax this year.

28 thoughts on “My second payment from Nuffnang”

  1. seriously taxable!?
    dont declare then… πŸ˜›
    graz on that HUGE amount…
    i can hardly achieve 200 currently… T.T
    may i know took u how long to accumulate 7k?

  2. SultandiBlogbeta: you must have at a blog with decent amount of traffic. Once you do, get as many advertorials u can.

    Efly: hehe wait till you start working ull get more!

    Ecl!5oNz: have to declare otherwise irb will come after me hehe 7k took me around 1 year plus.

    1. heh first, you need to have high traffic on your blog. maybe around 500 unique hits a day. then nuffnang will approach you with advertorials πŸ˜€

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