Myvi, Proton Saga SE or Suzuki Swift?

My Proton Satria turned 10 years old lately. Its best for me to change my car before it dies on me. I am thinking of 3 cars namely Myvi, the new Proton Sage SE and Suzuki Swift. My down payment = RM16000

Perodua Myvi EZi Premium -1300cc Automatic – RM49,700 (metallic) (Interest rate: @3.6% for 7 years) = ~RM500 installment per month – Total Interest Paid: RM8000

Why Myvi?
Lower price
Dad advised to get local cars as they are cheaper
Higher trade in value

Proton Sage SE – RM45,500 (Interest rate: Not known but presumably 3.6% for 7 years) = ~RM440 installment per month
Total Interest Paid: RM7500

Why Proton Saga SE?
Low price – cheaper than Myvi
Dad advised to get local cars as they are cheaper
Higher trade in value

Suzuki Swift – RM73,788.00 (OTR with insurance) (@ 2.88% for 7 years) = ~RM830 installment per month
Total Interest Paid: RM11650

Why Suzuki Swift?


[Edit: I’ve decided what car to get! read here!]

22 thoughts on “Myvi, Proton Saga SE or Suzuki Swift?”

  1. Just go for the swift la, looks better, and the feedback I heard with regards to it’s handling have always been very positive. Futuremore, what’s an IP lawyer doing driving the cheapest proton or the super my-first-car myvi?

  2. KY&Kink: I’m a poor lawyer 🙁 if i get swift, that means my disposable income will drop quite tremendously!

    Melissa: issittt.. i got male friends who drive swift..they look cool!

    ZOE: hehe get a gravatar at then you can replace the ugly looking rabbit hhe

  3. Latest Swift has key-less entry meaning it does away with the need to press the key flob to unlock the door. How cool is that? Want to butch up the car? Pimp it to a swift sport with bodykit and twin exhaust when your warranty is up.

    Can’t say the same about the Saga and Myvi……which I believe the saga drives like its price whilst the Myvi is boring as hell…..swift is the way for young ppl….

  4. get a Volvo. all lawyers drive volvo hahah

    but if u let me choose, i’ll get a myvi. its better to have more cash rather than investing in something tat will drop in price.

    then when you have enough money, jump straight to a volvo.

  5. 1)Myvi: Easy manuevering/rear parking, VFM, low maintainance. SPACIOUS!!!
    2)Saga: Big boot if you have a need for it. extremely low $$ but interior is plasticky.
    3)Swift: Speed king! Lack of leg space. Costly!

    Your choice 🙂

    Suggest you go test drive all of them first!

  6. Unless you don’t have much preference with cars, get a car which you fancy most, but of course one which is within your means.

    Ultimately, driving a car which you really like makes all the difference and driving more pleasurable (am sure you drive around quite a bit)! =)

  7. test drive all to try out urself. in e end, it is how u feel matters, not others. u r going 2 drive tis car day in day out. check fuel efficiency per km stats too.

    if u ask me, get e myvi as ur 1st carlah, save money 4 a bigger car next time, maintenance is also lower, parts r cheaper. check out e convenience 2 service it in ur.

    i believe in jap cars camouflaged as local cars than jap old engines camouflaged in new locally made unreliable m’sian cars. of coz a true blue jap car is e best!

  8. bro, for me it’s just a necessity transport to bring you to point A to point B. The swift is no doubt a very stylo car, but it hurts the wallet very much for a super mini. the saga is not such a bad car, it has bigger trunk space compared to myvi.

    If you need bigger trunk space, saga. If not Myvi also can. Just go for a test drive first.

  9. PY: yes certainly! but hurts wallet quite abit :/

    tym: NO VOLVO! OLD MAN’S CAR hahaha yeah might get the myvi first.. follow siewkf’s footsteps hehe

    Lyn: hmmm might test drive the swift first then make decision!

    m3ngchoo: driving a myvi, saga or a swift definitely beats sitting in my 10 years old satria! hehe so far my disposable income could afford any of these cars but i guess i must save up for the future too la

    diehardx: my mum drives a myvi and i’ve test driven a saga before. both seems quite flimsy to me, especially when taking sharp corners, felt like the car going to terbabas liddat. havent tried the swift though but I like the design alot! nevertheless, I will consider myvi la, for wallets sake

    fr0stie: yaya wan to buy? going off for 10k keke

    Darren: yea bro, i agree 100% with you. sigh, but couldnt get my sight off swift..shes like the forbidden fruit

  10. paying 70k+ for a small car that can’t fit much is just not value for money la. and a swift is a girl’s car. if you wanna pay 70k for a swift it’s better u up it a bit and get a city or something.

    for that kind of price, i would get the proton. think about spare parts, availability of mechanics well versed with the car. and proton cars are not that bad, handling and QC has improved tremendously, plus easy to modify to make it look FIERCE!

    but if i were you, unless your satria is giving you alot of problems, no point changing now. wait till u get more money, for for an audi or BMW. every time u change car u lose alot of money, so reduce the occassions that you change car

  11. Swift is not a girl’s car! You know what is my answer dude, it’s a Swift. Been driving it for about 3 years and I still love it!

  12. mmm definitely not swift even it look lovely…..
    The price you pay could go for other car like nissan, city or vios…

    Just remember, once u sign ur new car loan.. ur car value already drop 20% …..get something u comfortable with oo…

  13. cm: abit worried satria will die down on me one 🙁 he’s not feeling very well lately. GG perhaps i will get the local car first as advised by you.

    Cris: hehe yeah! its not a girl’s car!

    richard: ooo so far i havent heard any negative comments bout it!

    Jestine: i want to 🙁

    evil: heehee thanks for the advice 😀

  14. Get the Myvi (alias Daihatsu Sirion). I rented one at New Year and it was impressive. Also its parentage is basically Toyota as Daihatsu is part of the Toyota Group and shares the same reliability.

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