New Bouldering Wall @ Summit Climbing Gym

After the establishment of the new climbing gyms at 1 Utama (Camp 5) and Kepong (Delta Rovers), the population of climbers in Nomad Climbing Gym @ Summit Shopping Centre has dwindled drastically. Nevertheless, my friends and I are still loyal supporters of the Gym.

Recently, the management of Nomad Climbing Gym @ Summit Shopping Centre removed their old bouldering wall (wall for climbing without ropes). Now, they are at the midst of building a bigger and better wall. It comes with a roof!

Ping showed me this video

ClimbOn @ Singapore

fuuuu.. looking at this video made me wet….

My palms wet of course…fuuuuuu hardo gayy saysaysay!

12 thoughts on “New Bouldering Wall @ Summit Climbing Gym”

  1. Don’t watch the video if your unfit. I already feel tired and my arms feel very weak just from watching this video…man now I really have to try to get back into shape.

  2. xes: Yeah I should pick it up again.
    It requires physical as well as mental strength. Also a good body weight to strength ratio.
    One of the few sports where either male or female doesn’t have an unfair advantage over the other. Personally I prefer being at the bottom of the wall belaying for the female partner climbing up the wall. Better view if you know what I mean…hmmm…I’ am a sick lazy bastard, I know.

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